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Ron Funches Funches has one son, who lives with him in Los Angeles. He is open about his son being autistic in his comedy.
Ethel Funches At the time there was only one public, nine-hole course that was not segregated. The members of the club along with their husbands were able to convince the Federal Department of the Interior to create the Langston Golf Course, the second racially desegregated golf course in the District. The courses were not the only segregated aspect of golfing, the Professional Golf Association (PGA) had a standing by-law until the 1960s that prohibited African Americans from joining. In response, African American golfers established the United Golf Association (UGA) back in the 1920s. The UGA Championships were one of many competitions Funches dominated at. Funches became the only player to win 7 UGA Championships. To put this into perspective winning the UGA National Open Women’s Championship was equivalent to winning the United States Golf Association Women’s Open Championship, for a golfer to win one of these prestigious competitions is a sign of talent and a true accomplishment. To win more than once was unheard of since each year the event was held at a different course in a different city. Funches proved her golf prowess by not only winning 7 within a ten-year span, but with a consecutive reign in 1959 and 1960
Ron Funches Funches moved from Portland, Oregon to Los Angeles, California in 2012 to further his career as a comedian.
Ethel Funches Ethel Funches was a champion amateur golfer from 1950 to 1980 who won a number of local, regional and national titles, including seven titles at the United Golfers Association National Women’s Open, fourteen wins at the Wake-Robin Golf Club Championships and over 100 local and regional titles and tropies.
Ethel Funches Funches was born on August 29, 1913 in Owens, South Carolina. She moved to Washington, DC during the Great Depression in 1932. Funches husband, Eugene Funches, taught her to play golf after the couple moved to Washington, DC. Golf provided a social and competitive outlet for Funches and she devoted much of her free time honing her skills. During the day Funches was a cafeteria manager at Dunbar High School in the District of Columbia area until her retirement in 1970.
Ron Funches Ron Funches (born March 12, 1983) is an American comedian, actor and writer. He starred in the NBC series "Undateable" as Shelly. He has appeared frequently on "@midnight", and was a cast member and writer on "Kroll Show".
Ron Funches Funches grew up with his mother and sister in Chicago, Illinois. He moved to Salem, Oregon when he was 13.
Ron Funches Funches has also appeared several times on "Conan" as a guest and stand-up comic between 2011–17.
Ethel Funches Throughout her competitive years Funches faced many competitors and had a prolonged rivalry with fellow amateur golfer Ann Gregory. In 1957 Funches and Gregory both competed in the UGA National Open Championships, which was held in the Washington, D.C. area. Funches was playing on familiar territory and was confident she could take home the title. Instead, Gregory won her third Open Championship and Funches placed second. Another well-known competitor Funches teed off against was the tennis champion Althea Gibson in 1961 during the quarterfinals of the black women's golf national Championship
Ron Funches Funches began pursuing comedy at the age of 23 after working at a series of jobs that he felt he wasn't suited for.