Top 10 similar words or synonyms for fuchman

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for fuchman

Article Example
Father's Day (2011 film) That night, Father O'Flynn is killed by Fuchman, and John joins Ahab and Twink on their mission. The three locate Fuchman using Chelsea's notebook on Fuchman and Ahab kills him after finding Chelsea badly injured.
Father's Day (2011 film) Later, John goes to clean out Father O'Flynn's room, where he discovers an ancient tome Father O'Flynn, which leads him to discover that Chris Fuchman is a manifestation of a demon known as the Fuchmanicus, who is worshiped and protected by a cult of Satanists. There is a Fuchman each generation, for the sole purpose of raping, killing and eating the souls of Fathers, and when one Fuchman dies, the Fuchmanicus possesses the body of a woman in order to reproduce another Fuchman. The book tells the prophecy of a man, resembling Ahab, being responsible for creating "the most powerful Fuchman ever". Meanwhile, Chelsea (possessed by Fuchman) arrives at Ahab's room and seduces him, and the sibling proceed to have multiple sexual encounters culminating in the implied creation of a Fuchman of incest.
Father's Day (2011 film) Chelsea invites her friends Andrew (also known as Twink) and Walnut over to her apartment where the lights go out and Walnut is killed by Fuchman after he reveals he may have accidentally gotten a girl pregnant after a one night stand.Twink is almost killed as well but Chelsea scares shoots at Fuchman, scaring him off. Fuchman escapes as Ahab arrives to talk to Chelsea again. Ahab and Twink meet for the first time and band together to kill Fuchman when Stegel knocks at the door to question Chelsea. Chelsea agrees to help Ahab and Twink escape from Stegel on the condition that they meet her at the Lowlife so she can join them take Fuchman down. They agree and Chelsea helps them escape, but Ahab tells Twink that they have to keep Chelsea out of it.
Father's Day (2011 film) Thirty years ago, serial killer Chris Fuchman (Mackenzie Murdock), raped and murdered ten fathers, but was released on a technicality. During the next ten years, more father rapes and murders were committed, but no evidence was found to be the work of Fuchman. One of the victims was the father of siblings Ahab and Chelsea. The siblings are separated and Ahab is sent to stay with local priest Father O'Flynn (Kevin Anderson). Ahab (Adam Brooks) tracks Fuchman down at the scene of his latest crime, the murder of another father named Bill Cummings. Ahab is caught and arrested by Detective Stegel (Brent Neale) and is tries for Fuchman's murders. Ahab is cleared for all the murders except Cummings's murder and is sentenced to ten years in prison.
Father's Day (2011 film) Father's Day is a 2011 American-Canadian action-horror comedy film directed by Adam Brooks, Jeremy Gillespie, Matthew Kennedy, Steven Kostanski, and Conor Sweeney. The film stars Adam Brooks as Ahab, a man determined to exact revenge on Chris Fuchman, the Father's Day Killer, a rapist and serial killer who murdered his father years ago.
Father's Day (2011 film) Mary attempts to romantically reconcile with Ahab, but is rejected in favour for Chelsea (much to Mary's disgust). Chelsea declares her love for her brother, who vows never to leave her again, but the pair are separated when Chelsea's soul returns to Earth. The Devil is revealed to be God, and as she fades away John begs Chelsea to have an abortion in order to kill the potential Fuchman/product of incest growing in her womb.
Father's Day (2011 film) The Satanist cult, which Stegel and Mark are revaled to be members of, attacks Ahab at his apartment. Luckily, John and Twink arrive just in time to help Ahab fight the cult off and kill them, berating Ahab for allowing himself to be seduced by his own sister. They discover that Fuchman has taken Chelsea back to Hell with him. Ahab, John and Twink kill themselves to travel to Hell and save Chelsea. John is sent to heaven where he takes an Angel hostage and then proceed to hold up God in order to gain access to Hell, and Twink is killed by a demon who uses Walnut (and their unconsummated love) as bait and decapitates him. Ahab finds the Fuchmanicus' lair where it has Chelsea chained to him while Stegel and Mark serve as guards. Mark and Stegel are crushed to death, but John is split in half. Mary appears and throws Ahab's jar of syrup at the Fuchmanicus. Fuchman turns into a baby and is stomped to death by Chelsea.