Top 10 similar words or synonyms for frutas

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for frutas

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Article Example
Frutas en el Café - Special Mention from the Jury . Festival Cinepobre 2005, Cuba
Frutas en el Café Frutas en el Café tells the story of several characters: Faría, an audacious prostitute who has less than 24 hours to settle a debt or endanger her livelihood. Avelino is an honest and radical Communist who denounces his wife's illicit business undertakings to the police. Miro is a young painter who can’t sell her artwork at the fair but manages to obtain the financial support of a foreigner in exchange for her company. These three stories of sexual corruption become intertwined when a mysterious painting crosses their paths.
Frutas en el Café Frutas en el Café is a film directed by Humberto Padrón. The film won several awards in Cuban film festivals.
Salon of Colombian Artists Gustavo Zalamea Pera amarilla, estudio con frutas Pintura
Theobroma bicolor 8.
Cristóbal Acosta Another work of note was "Tractado de la yerbas, plantas, frutas y animales", but this treatise is now believed lost.
Aragonese cuisine Sweet Aragonese specialities are the "trenza de Almudevar", the "tortas de alma", "guirlache" (a type of nougat), "adoquines", "frutas de Aragón" (a confit of fruit covered in chocolate) and "Españoletas" (a kind of local cookie).
Francisco Narváez In 1939, he travelled to New York to decorate the Venezuelan pavilion at the World's Fair and exhibited his works "Café y Frutas" (now in the Andrés Bello Lyceum) and "Perlas y Cacao" (now in the Fermín Toro Lyceum).
Casa Blanca, Texas The first dam created was called Las Frutas in 1929. In 1945, the state attempted to eminent domain to dam more of the Nueces River which was fought until 1955 at which point the state prevailed and was able to dam the river to become the water supply for Corpus Christi and thus flooding and making unusable a little over of the Wade Ranch.
Olga Costa Her major canvas works include Cabeza arcaica, La novia, Figuras en el trópico algo tiesas, Casa azul 3, Casa roja, Follajes azules, Pueblo minero de noche, Ladera and Niebla although her best known work is probably La vendadora de frutas from 1951.