Top 10 similar words or synonyms for frijol

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for frijol

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Bean Hollow State Beach Named after Cañada del Frijol which was applied in the 1840s. The English term was in use by 1861.
Domesticated plants of Mesoamerica Frijol pinto ("painted/speckled" bean) nitrogen-fixer traditionally planted in conjunction with the "two sisters", maize and squash, to help condition soil; runners grew on maize)
San Jerónimo District, Luya The management holidays of the capital Paclas it is celebrated on August 5. As typical meals the Soup of Chochoca is known with Bacon, Locrito Frijol and the Nickname Peeled between others.
Autódromo Monterrey There is a second course called "El Frijol" for its bean's shape. This is a Dogleg oval 1 mile in length. In this course the first turn is flat and the second is a banking turn.
Mollete A "mollete", native to northern Mexico, is made with "bolillos" sliced lengthwise and partially hollowed, filled with "frijoles refritos", and topped with cheese and slices of jalapeño or serrano peppers. It is then grilled in an oven until the cheese melts. The frijoles refritos are "frijol mantequilla" known outside of the region as "pinto beans".
Pinto bean In Spanish, they are called "frijol pinto" (), literally "speckled bean" (compare pinto horse), and in South America it is known as the "poroto frutilla", literally "strawberry bean". In Portuguese, they are called "feijão carioca" in Brazil (literally ""carioca" bean") and "feijão catarino" in Portugal.
Black turtle bean It is also common to keep the boiled water of these beans (which acquires a black coloring) and consume it as a soup with other ingredients for seasoning (known as "sopa negra", black soup), as a broth ("caldo de frijol", bean broth) or to season or color other dishes (aforementioned "gallo pinto", for example).
Édgar Vivar Dr. Édgar Ángel Vivar Villanueva (born 28 December 1948) is a Mexican actor. He is best remembered as "Señor Barriga" and his son "Ñoño" from "El Chavo del Ocho", and as "El Botija" from "El Chapulín Colorado" and Chespirito. His other notable role is in a Mexico telenovela, "Amarte Así" as Don Pedro, a lonely man who work as a cashier in the restaurant of his stepson El Frijol.
NASCAR PEAK Mexico Series In the 8 seasons, has been used 14 tracks in 12 venues (two in Santiago de Querétaro and two in San Luis Potosí). Currently, six oval tracks are used, only Autódromo Monterrey is a road circuit. Three tracks has been used in two configurations. Autódromo Monterrey long and frijol, Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez in NASCAR Nationwide and oval, Autódromo Miguel E. Abed in a 2.75 km layout and oval.
Valladolid, Yucatán The typical dish of the region is “Lomitos de Valladolid” which is a pork dish in fresh tomato sauce; Cochinita pibil meat marinated in achiote, which comes from the Bixa orellana bitter orange, and spices, wrapped in Banana leaf and barbecued or baked in a pit; "lechon al horno", "bistek de cazuela", "relleno negro" which is turkey cooked with a paste of charred chillies and vegetables with bits of hard-boiled eggs, "frijol con puerco" and chicken in escabeche.