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Fresca In Latin America, Coca-Cola markets a sugar sweetened version of Fresca. In 1997, The Coca-Cola Company responded to requests for this product from immigrant communities by launching it throughout the U.S. as Citra. This was a success but is instead sold as the Citrus flavor in Coca-Cola's Fanta line in areas with large Hispanic populations. In Colombia and Argentina sweetened Fresca is called Quatro and marketed using Fresca's colors and logos.
Fresca Fresca packaging has been redesigned several times, although advertising continues to emphasize sophistication. In 2005, Coca-Cola gave Fresca a more contemporary look, Fresca's first makeover since 1995. During this redesign, two new flavors were introduced ("Sparkling Peach Citrus" and "Sparkling Black Cherry Citrus") and the original grapefruit flavor was renamed "Sparkling Citrus". Later, "Sparkling" was dropped and the original flavor was renamed "Original Citrus". Several additional flavors have been added to the line-up since 2005.
Fresca Since introduction in 1966, Fresca has been marketed in the United States as a calorie-free, lime and grapefruit-flavored soft drink. Fresca has undergone several major ingredient changes since its introduction. It was originally sweetened with cyclamates, which were banned by the FDA in 1969, and replaced with saccharin. That was replaced by NutraSweet-brand aspartame. Around the time of the 2005 redesign, acesulfame potassium was added as a secondary sweetener.
Fresca U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson, who loved the beverage, had a soda fountain containing Fresca installed in the Oval Office.
Fresca Fresca was made available in South Africa during the early 1990s with a series of colorful ads featuring Hakeem Kae-Kazim with the slogan, "Nothing tastes like Fresca." The soft drink developed a cult following but sales were discontinued.
Fresca Fresca is a diet lime and grapefruit citrus soft drink made by The Coca-Cola Company. Borrowing the word "Fresca" (meaning "fresh") from Spanish, it was first introduced in the United States in 1966.
Fresca According to Coca-Cola, the following flavors of Fresca are marketed today:
Fruta Fresca It contains twelve tracks, ten of which were composed by Vives including "Fruta Fresca". "Fruta Fresca" fuses the sounds of Latin pop and Colombian vallenato music. In the song, he compares his lover's kisses to fresh fruit "which escaped from your mouth and went up to my head".
Fruta Fresca An accompanying music video for the song was released in 1999 which features Vives and a band performing song with various background montages. Vives performed the song at the 12th Lo Nuestro Awards which Magaly Morales of the "Sun-Sentinel" noted that his performance "sent everybody up on their feet, swinging their hips". The song was included on his El Amor de Mi Tour track listing. He also performed the song at the 1st Latin Grammy Awards ceremony where Joan Anderman of "The Boston Globe" said that Vives "brought the performances to an upbeat close". He was originally not going to perform at the Latin Grammy Awards due to his illness with pneumonia, but decided to go as he wanted to show "something that was mine and that was my country's".
Fruta Fresca "Fruta Fresca" was named a "highlight" by Steve Huey of Allmusic on the review of the parent album, and was also described as a "bridge" between tropical and pop music, by Leila Cobo of "Billboard" magazine, while reviewing the nominees for the Latin Grammy Awards. While reviewing songs that were nominated for Record of the Year at the first Latin Grammy Awards, an editor for the "Los Angeles Times" declared that "Vives demonstrated to the world that it was possible, after all, to make commercial music without sacrificing the roots of Latin America". On the review of the compilation album "The Rhythm", Rosa Yi of the "Orlando Sentinel" declares that "If there's any rhythm in your body, you will get up and bust a move."