Top 10 similar words or synonyms for fraternized

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for fraternized

Article Example
Willard Brothers Later, by his profession he fraternized also with the most important American politicians. Examples are both Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.
Schwarzenbek Schwarzenbek fraternized with cities all over Europe what gave it its name as "Europastadt" (European city). Aubenas in France, Sierre in Switzerland and Zelzate in Belgium fraternized with Schwarzenbek in the year of 1955. Two more cities in Europe followed in 1960 including Cesenatico in Italy and Delfzijl in the Netherlands. To show the inhabitants their fraternization to those cities the city named a district of Schwarzenbek Verbrüderungsring (Connection ring) and named streets in that quarter after those cities in Europe.
The Excursions of Mr. Brouček to the Moon and to the 15th Century ...I can’t bring myself to add this part to Čech’s work in addition to Mazal at the Vikàrka. Čech’s Mr. Brouček would never have fraternized with Mazal and sat with him in the same pub.
Rafael Bienvenido Cruz Cruz was also accused by Donald Trump of allegedly being involved in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy, claiming that he fraternized with Lee Harvey Oswald, based on a "National Enquirer" story.
Hurd (band) Both sides have come out of this 8-year partnership with their reputations damaged - the company for having exploited the band to achieve their political goals before rejecting them, and the band for having fraternized with politicians by interest.
Spiro Xega At the center of this tableau are the brave warriors Marko Boçari, Foto Xhavella and many others Albanians fraternized with Greeks fighting against ottomans in the Greek revolution of 1821. This paint shows the energy of the movements and details of the traditional wear of that period.
Heroic Legend of the Yang's Family As the war between Song and Liao becomes more intense, the female warriors of Yang's put aside their personal hatred and set out for safeguard against the invaders. Unknowing that the Grand Tutor Pong has fraternized with Liao, the Yang's Army gets trapped and surrounded by the enemy and is facing a life-and-death situation...
Shindō Yōshin-ryū Shigeta Ohbata was a prominent budoka of the early 20th Century who fraternized with such notable budo personalities as Katsuta Hiratsuka/Yōshin-ryū, Masamizu Inazu/Yōshin Koryū, Jigoro Kano/Jūdō, Takeda Sokaku/Daitō-ryū, Yoshida Kōtarō/Daitō-ryū & Shidare Yanagi-ryu and Takayoshi Katayama/Yōshin-ryū.
William S. Rice In 1910, Meyer convinced Rice to relocate to the San Francisco Bay Area to participate more actively in the Arts and Crafts movement, and Rice obtained a job teaching art for the Alameda public schools. He fraternized with members of the Berkeley art colony and contributed his block prints to their 1911 Exhibition of California Artists at the Hillside Club.
Lord Edward FitzGerald In April 1789, guided by compass, he traversed the country with a brother officer, from Fredericton, New Brunswick to Quebec, falling in with Indians by the way, with whom he fraternized. He accomplished the journey of 175 miles in twenty-six days, and established a shorter practicable route than that hitherto followed.