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François Berléand François Berléand (born 22 April 1952) is a French actor.
François Berléand While studying at business school, he trained as an actor, somewhat against his will; his first stage role was in a play called "Sur une plage de l'Ouest" ("On a beach in the West"). After graduation, he enrolled in drama classes with Tania Balachova and then met Daniel, a director under whose auspices he worked from 1974 to 1981, participating in a dozen productions, mainly of contemporary classics.
François Berléand Berléand has been in a long-term relationship with Alexia Stresi; their twins Adèle and Lucy were born in December 2008. He is also the father of two grown children aged 26 and 31 years.
François Berléand He plays Gilles Triquet, the officer manager and equivalent of David Brent in "Le Bureau", the French version of "The Office", produced by Canal+. He released a book about his childhood in 2006, "Le fils de l'homme invisible" (The son of the invisible man). He also appeared in the 2002 film "The Transporter" as the French "commissaire" named Tarconi, an active and honest police officer who is an acquaintance of Frank Martin (Jason Statham). He reprised the role in the sequels "Transporter 2" and "Transporter 3" and the TV series.
François Berléand Berléand was born in Paris, France. The son of an Armenian father, and a French mother, he found his childhood traumatic until the age of eleven after taking a remark of his father out of context