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recoilless_rifle    0.810930

rifle_grenades    0.784443

grenade_launcher    0.783804

rocket_launcher    0.776681

rpg_rocket_propelled    0.775870

smoke_grenade    0.772150

flamethrower    0.762837

recoilless_gun    0.762834

assault_rifle    0.757857

grenade_launchers    0.757110

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Fragmentation (weaponry) The modern fragmentation grenade was developed during the 20th century. The Mills bomb, first adopted in 1915 by the British army, is an early fragmentation grenade used in World War I. The Mk 2 grenade was a fragmentation grenade adopted by the American military based on the Mills bomb, and was in use during World War II.
List of U.S. Army munitions by supply catalog designation Note: The M1A1 Grenade Projection Adapter converted a Mk.II fragmentation grenade into a rifle grenade.
Grenade Improvised grenades were replaced when manufactured versions became available. The first modern fragmentation grenade was the Mills bomb, which became available to British front-line troops from 1915.
Model 1914 grenade The M1914 has an optional fragmentation sleeve that turns the M1914 into a fragmentation grenade. The sleeve's pattern was later used on the RGD-33 grenade's fragmentation sleeve.
TN 753 The TN 753 is a hand thrown fragmentation grenade. The grenade is made of metal with pre-divided fragments and covered in plastic.
Grenade When the word "grenade" is used without specification, and context does not suggest otherwise, it is generally assumed to refer to a fragmentation grenade.
Kugelhandgranate The Kugelhandgranate ("ball hand grenade") is the name given to a model of a hand thrown fragmentation grenade manufactured in Germany also known as Mod. 1913.
V40 Mini-Grenade The V40 fragmentation grenade was manufactured in the Netherlands, and was in service in the Canadian Forces and the US Armed Forces.
M26 grenade The M26 series was created after World War II to meet criticisms of the Mk. II. The original M26 replaced the Mk. II Fragmentation Grenade as Army standard issue in Korea. Massive World War 2 production left the Mk. II as limited standard issue with the US Army and US Marines throughout the 1960s and the US Navy until the 1970s) The M26A1 / M61 was the primary fragmentation grenade used by American forces in the Vietnam War.
Chronology of the 2009 Honduran constitutional crisis A fragmentation grenade exploded July 4, Saturday night, in the first floor of the offices of "Canal 11", the same buildings where "El Tiempo" is located. It was allegedly thrown from a nearby street.