Top 10 similar words or synonyms for fostered

furthered    0.767839

spurred    0.745731

engendered    0.695924

stifled    0.654134

bolstered    0.653576

nurtured    0.653305

perpetuated    0.626250

underpinned    0.621606

instigated    0.615827

sparked    0.612074

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for fostered

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Article Example
Sport in Saint Lucia Which has fostered the growth of many young athletes.
QAPF diagram fostered by Albert Streckeisen (whence their alternative name: Streckeisen diagrams).
Adolescent mentalization-based integrative treatment Mentalization is applied and fostered in three directions in AMBIT:
Gerolstein Gerolstein has fostered partnerships with the following places:
Marino Institute of Education The Irish language is encouraged and fostered in the college.
Culture and positive psychology Also, Western traditions fostered more individualistic societies while eastern traditions fostered more collectivistic societies. Individualistic cultures value the self above the group. Collectivistic cultures value the group above the individual.
John G. Barnard The production of scientific literature in the USA was fostered by Barnard:
New Deal The New Deal's enduring appeal on voters fostered its acceptance by moderate and liberal Republicans.
Akron Youth Symphony “I want to create an environment where beauty is fostered through music.”
Gregory Euclide fostered an interest in and connection to the environment that lasts to this day.