Top 10 similar words or synonyms for forschunginstitut

anthropotecahnik    0.947023

werthhoven    0.892252

verbraucherschutz    0.743305

forschungsinstitut    0.726064

oberflchentechnik    0.725548

validierung    0.720390

arbeitsgemeinschaft    0.713612

anwender    0.713019

genomforschung    0.707213

gesundheitlichen    0.706453

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International Society for the Study of Time The ISST was founded in 1966 and held its first meeting in 1969 at the Mathematisches Forschunginstitut, Oberwolfach, Federal Republic of Germany; August 31-September 6, 1969. The first officers were Gerald James Whitrow, University of London-Mathematics (President); Julius Thomas Fraser, The Study of Time (Secretary); M. Satoshi Watanabe, Yale University-Physics (Treasurer). While it took four years to mount the next conference beside Lake Yamanaka in Japan (July 3–8, 1973), conferences have taken place roughly every three years at different sites around the globe.
Palaeoglaux Palaeoglaux is a genus of fossil owls from the Eocene epoch. The two known species are "P. perrierensis" from the Upper Eocene of Quercy, France, and "P. artophoron" from the Middle Eocene Messel shales, Germany. The holotype of "P. perrierensis" is a partial left coracoid in the Collection Université Montpellier, accession number PRR 2585. The four paratypes are the distal part of a left humerus (PRR2591), the proximal part of a left ulna (PRR 2571), the distal part of a left ulna (PRR 2578), and the distal part of a right tarsometatarsus (PRR 2576). The type specimen of "P. artophoron" is a fossil slab and counterslab containing most of the postcranial skeleton and some feather impressions. This specimen is in the collection of the Forschunginstitut Senckenberg, accession number SMF-ME 1144 A and B.