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Folktales (album) Folktales is the second studio album released by the rock and roll jam band The Big Wu.
Italian Folktales He included extensive notes on his alterations to make the tales more readable and the logic of his selections, such as renaming the heroine of "The Little Girl Sold with the Pears" Perina rather than Margheritina to connect to the pears, and selecting "Bella Venezia" as the Italian variant of "Snow White" because it featured robbers, rather than the variants containing dwarfs, which he suspected were imported from Germany.
Italian Folktales It was first translated into English in 1962; a further translation is by Sylvia Mulcahy (Dent, 1975) and constituted the first comprehensive collection of Italian folktales.
Norwegian Folktales Norwegian Folktales () is a collection of Norwegian folktales and legends by Peter Christen Asbjørnsen and Jørgen Moe. It is also known as Asbjørnsen and Moe, after the collectors.
Norwegian Folktales Tales not from any of the proceeding series that are usually included alongside them in later collections:
Japanese folktales The admixed imposters are literate written pieces, dating back to the Muromachi period (14th-16th centuries) or even earlier times in the Middle Ages. These would not normally qualify as "folktales" (i.e., pieces collected from oral tradition among the populace).
Japanese folktales These stories just named are considered genuine folktales, having received those auspices by folklorist Kunio Yanagita. During the Edo Period these tales had been adapted by professional writers and woodblock-printed in a form a called "kusazōshi" (cf.chapbooks), but a number of local variant versions of the tales have been collected in the field as well.
Japanese folktales Although some Japanese ghost stories or "kaidan" such as the story of the Yuki-onna ("snow woman") might be considered examples of folktales, but even though some overlaps may exist, they are usually treated as another genre. The familiar forms of stories are embellished works of literature by gesaku writers, or retooled for the kabuki theater performance, in the case of the bakeneko or monstrous cat. The famous collection "Kwaidan" by Lafcadio Hearn also consists of original retellings. Yanagita published a collection " (1910) which featured a number of fanatastical "yokai" creatures such as Zashiki-warashi and kappa.
Japanese folktales The folklore of Japan has been influenced by foreign literature as well as the kind of spirit worship prevalent all throughout prehistoric Asia.
Japanese folktales The monkey stories of Japanese folklore have been influenced both by the Sanskrit epic Ramayana and the Chinese classic "Journey to the West". The stories mentioned in the Buddhist Jataka tales appear in a modified form throughout the Japanese collection of popular stories.