Top 10 similar words or synonyms for folklores

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for folklores

Article Example
Upper Subansiri district with local history, local tales, folklores and mythology.
Ogugu Alex Ojonimi Agbobaba (Adapted from Ogugu Folklores and Oral Traditions)
Xunliao Bay According to folklores, there are mainly two kinds of origins of the name Xunliao.
Actant Independently, researching Russian folklores, Vladimir Propp also provided the "7 act spheres":
Griselda (folklore) Griselda (anglicised to Grizzel and similar forms) is a figure from certain folklores, noted for her patience and obedience.
Khedbrahma There is also the Bhrigurishi ashram and a Bhrigunath Mahadev temple which is associated with folklores and Puranic stories.
Human fat In Spanish (sacamantecas) and Peruvian (pishtaco) folklores, there are monsters or criminals who murder for human fat.
Culture of Guyana The Guyanese folklore is similar to the Caribbean folklores, mixed with African Indian, Amerindian, and Portuguese beliefs.
Burhi Aair Sadhu Some of the 30 (Thirty) folklores included in the book were his own. The preface itself was a brilliant narration regarding genesis, movement and importance of folklores in different societies and communities of the world. Some of the stories are: Bandor aaru Xial, Dhowa Kauri aru Tiposi Sorai, Budhiyak Xial, Gongatop, Tejimola, Xorobjan and Burha Burhi etc.
History of Tripura The origins of the kingdom are shrouded in the myths written in "Rajmala", the chronicle of the Kings of Tripura, which meanders from Hindu mythologies and Tripuri folklores.