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Article Example
J-Flexx As well as Dr. Dre J. Flexx has also ghostwritten lyrics for Warren G's "I love It All" album, Shaquille O'Neal and Sam Peed.
J-Flexx On December 5, 2007, it was revealed that For The People Entertainment would be releasing ""Stayin' Alive"" a collection of many unreleased songs by J-Flexx from his time on Death Row Records. This album was confirmed to have featured guest spots from Danny Boy, Sam Sneed, Barney Ruble, The Lady of Rage and Dr. Dre.
J-Flexx J-Flexx spent several years ghostwriting lyrics for Dr. Dre during his tenure at Death Row Records. The first song he co-wrote in that collaboration, "Natural Born Killaz", became a Top 40 hit for Dre and Ice Cube in 1994 (Murder was the case Soundtrack). J-Flexx's success continued when he wrote lyrics for Dre's part in "California Love," a duet with Tupac Shakur. J-Flexx also co-wrote "Keep Their Heads Ringin," the first single from Ice Cube's Friday (soundtrack) (which ultimately sold over 2 million units). He followed that success with "Been There, Done That," a single released from Dr. Dre Presents the Aftermath. J. Flexx released a parody of the song Been There Done That titled Who Been There Who Done That for the Death Row Greatest Hits compilation. J. Flexx made two other appearances on the Gridlock'd soundtrack with the song Lady Heroin and on the Gang Related soundtrack with the song A Change To Come, he also produced the songs Top Dogg Cindafella, Curiously and Things Your Man Won't Do for the Suge Knight Presents: The Chronic.
J-Flexx He has also been involved with Shaquille O'Neal's nonprofit outreach organization 'Help the Children©', hosting songwriting workshops and performing at Shaqtacular, a mega-entertainment fundraising extravaganza that supported community-oriented programs to serve youth.
Stayin' Alive (J-Flexx album) On December 5, 2007, For The People Entertainment announced the release of Stayin' Alive, a collection of many unreleased songs by J-Flexx from his time on Death Row Records. This album features guest spots from Danny Boy, Sam Sneed, Dr. Dre and Barney Ruble.
Stayin' Alive (J-Flexx album) "Stayin' Alive" is an album consisting of previously unreleased songs from rapper J-Flexx, which will be released on Death Row Records.
David Cournooh In June 2016, he signed a two-year contract with The Flexx Pistoia. On January 13, 2017, Cournooh parted ways with The Flexx Pistoia and signed with the Pallacanestro Cantù.
D'Link D'Link is the solo album debut from Xavier "Flexx" Davidson, a member of the Dancehall/Reggae fusion group T.O.K.. The album was released in 2008.
Billboard Dreams Billboard Dreams is the second studio album by rapper J-Flexx. Some of the tracks of this album came included in devices like the iPod and laptops.
Pistoia Basket 2000 Pistoia Basket 2000, known for sponsorship reasons as The Flexx Pistoia, is an Italian professional basketball team based in Pistoia, Tuscany.