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Battle of Anchem The Imperial Army arrayed against Gugsa Welle included "Fitawrari" Wondosson Kassa in the center, "Qegnazmach" Ayalew Birru on the right, and "Fitawrari" Fikremariam on the left. "Fitawrari" Wondosson Kassa was the eldest son of "Ras" Kassa Haile Darge, "Qegnazmach" Ayalew Birru commanded the troops from Semien, and "Fitawrari" Fikremariam commanded the troops from Wollo. In reserve were forces under "Ras" Mulugeta Yeggazu and "Dejazmach" Adafrisau Yenado.
Agaro Agaro was the capital of the former Kingdom of Gomma, until Gomma was conquered by Dejazmach Besha Abuye in 1886. By 1958, the settlement was one of 27 places in Ethiopia ranked as a First Class Township. Fitawrari Gebre Kristos, started coffee plantations in the 1950s on land he inherited from his grandfather Fitawrari Wossen. Fitawrari Besha could employ up to 400 workers during high harvest season. After the Ethiopian revolution, Gebre Kristos abandoned his plantation and retired to Addis Ababa; his plantation was nationalized by the Land Nationalization Proclamation of March 1975.
Christmas Offensive "Ras" Imru and "Fitawrari" Ayalew Birru now moved their forces in large numbers across the Tekezé River and into Tigre Province. Morale among the Ethiopians was very high. "Ras" Imru was happy to have captured fifty machine guns and to have captured the town of Enda Selassie. "Ras" Imru and "Fitawrari" Ayalew Birru moved to positions along Shire Ridge, about twelve miles from Axum. From here, "Ras" Imru contemplated an attack on the Axum-Adowa area.
Merawi, Ethiopia Merawi in its modern form is said to be founded in the early 1940s by Fitawrari Admasu Yimam., its first administrator and the brother of the then governor of Gojjam, Dejazmach Abere Yimam.
Mulugeta Yeggazu "Ras" Mulugeta Yeggazu, (Amharic: ሙሉጌታ ይገዙ; killed 27 February 1936) was an Ethiopian government official. He served as Imperial Fitawrari, Commander of the Mahel Sefari (Central Army) of the Ethiopian Army during the Second Italo-Abyssinian War.
Welwel, Ethiopia Records at the Nordic Africa Institute website provide details of a test oil well drilled at Welwel by Sinclair Oil in 1955, and about Fitawrari Wolde Amanuel primary school in Welwel during the year 1968.
Ayalew Birru In 1931, Ayalew Birru was rewarded by being named "Fitawrari" and Minister of War. Between 1933 and 1934, Ayalew Birru fell into disfavor with the Emperor; most likely over money. As result, he was exiled to Arsi Province.
Battle of Anchem Battle began and, after four hours, the Imperial forces under "Fitawrari" Wondosson Kassa and "Qegnazmach" Ayalew Birru gained the upper hand. With the tide turning, "Ras" Gugsa Welle's shaken army started to desert him in large numbers.
Seifu Mikael After the fascist Italian invasion during the Second Italo-Ethiopian War, Seifu accompanied the Emperor to Djibouti along with Mekonnen Habtewold, Fitawrari Tekle Hawariat Tekle Mariyam and other notables according to Fitawrari TekleHawariat's autobiography. Before leaving Addis Ababa, Seifu became one of the nobles along with Ras Kassa standing against those who decided the alleged elimination of Lij Eyasu convincing the Emperor not leave an heir to the throne for the Italians to later use. He later returned to Ethiopia from Djibouti after a fallout with the emperor due to an overheard conversation with Fitawrari TekleHawariat criticizing Haile Sellasie over the life of Lij Eyasu. He joined the resistance leading a small contingent of patriots at Awsa front which was the offshoot of the early struggle of the Black Lions created by educated Ethiopians and disbanded members of the army.
Desta Damtew Born at the village of Maskan (in the contemporary Gurage Zone), Desta Damtew was the second son of "Fitawrari" Damtew Ketena. His older brother was Abebe Damtew. In 1896, "Fitawrari" Damtew Ketena was killed at the Battle of Adwa. As boys, "Lij" Desta Damtew and his brother "Lij" Abebe Damtew served at the Imperial Palace in Addis Ababa as pages to Emperor Menelik II and Empress Taitu Bitul. Desta Damtew went on to serve in the Dowager Empress Taitu's household at the Palace on Mt. Entoto after the death of Menelik II.