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Os Filhos do Rock Os Filhos do Rock is a Portuguese television series broadcast by RTP and set in the Portuguese rock scene of the 1980s. It has 26 episodes and aired from 8 December 2013 to 7 June 2014 on RTP1.
27th Young Artist Awards ★ (tie) (Brazil) - "2 Filhos de Francisco" - Globo Films
27th Young Artist Awards ★ (tie) (Brazil) - "2 Filhos de Francisco" - Globo Films
Two Sons of Francisco Until 2008, "2 Filhos de Francisco" used to be considered the second biggest audience of a Brazilian film (after the 1976 film "Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands"). In 2009, the blockbuster "Se Eu Fosse Você 2", starring Tony Ramos and Glória Pires, replaced "2 Filhos de Francisco" as the second biggest audience among the Brazilian films.
Santa Cruz das Palmeiras It has two Masonic Lodges (Filhos da Luz, of Grand Lodge of São Paulo and Obreiros de Santa Cruz, of Grand Orient of São Paulo/Brazil).
Casa Vicent Between 1914 and 1915, Companhia Aliança offered to the first occupants of the Casa Vicent several artifacts to Ourivesaria Miranda & Filhos.
Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano A Brazilian film made about the duo, "2 Filhos de Francisco", released in 2005, was the most successful Brazilian movie in 25 years.
Quinta do Bill One year later the album "Os Filhos da nação" was edited by Polygram, reached the gold record and took the band to stages from the North to the South of Portugal that year and the following one during two tours with more than 100 concerts. This album includes hits like "Os Filhos da nação", "Senhora Maria do Olival" or "Aljubarrota" (released the first time on Sem Rumo), "Quando eu era pequenino", which is a both Portuguese and Brazilian traditional song . In 2003, FC Porto staff (as both players and technical staff, including the former FC Porto coach José Mourinho) recorded the song "Filhos do Dragão", which is the Quinta do Bill's hit "Filhos da Nação" with adapted lyrics, and became a major hit among the team supporters ". Middle way, they were the support band of Bryan Adams' concert in José Alvalade Stadium, with enthusiastic "encore" request from the crowd.
Eduardo Spohr As a contributor to the Joven Nerd website he published his first book at the Nerdstore, the site's virtual web store, under the label NerdBooks, selling more than 4000 copies, yet without the support of any publisher. In June 2010 the Grupo Editorial Record published A Batalha do Apocalipse under the label Verus, selling, until December of the same year, 50 thousand copies. Soon after, in 2011, released the first book of the "Filhos do Éden" Series named "Filhos do Éden: Herdeiros de Atlântida", later on 2013 released the second title of the series called "Filhos do Éden: Anjos da Morte" and in October, 2015 released the third title of the series called "Filhos do Éden: Paraíso Perdido".
Music of Brazil Afoxê is a kind of religious music, part of the Candomblé tradition. In 1949, a group called Filhos de Gandhi began playing afoxé during carnaval parades in Salvador; their name translates as "Sons of Gandhi", associating black Brazilian activism with Mahatma Gandhi's Indian independence movement. The Filhos de Gandhi's 1949 appearance was also revolutionary because, until then, the Carnaval parades in Salvador were meant only for light-skinned people.