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mauterndorf    0.674611

mallnitz    0.663823

hochtor    0.660234

radstadt    0.656300

oberau    0.653645

semmering    0.650085

hochgolling    0.649648

heitersberg    0.647923

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Lienz District Shortest road connection to North Tyrol is the Felbertauern road ("P1"), and the Felbertauern tunnel (about 5.3 km). Lienz is located at a road junction between the federal Felbertauern road ("B108"), a road to the Puster Valley ("B100") and South Tyrol, and a road to the Drautal valley and Carinthia. The district is also connected by the Austrian Southern Railway.
Grossglockner High Alpine Road The opening of the Felbertauern Road (1967) and the Tauern Motorway (1975) throttled traffic by nearly 15 per cent, but it also permanently changed the character of the Großglockner High Alpine Road: from the only transalpine road over the main alpine crest between the Brenner Pass and the Katschberg Pass, to an excursion road from a catchment area with a radius of around .
Mittersill It has traffic links running east to west and north to south. The Felbertauern road tunnel runs south through the Hohe Tauern at an elevation of about 1630 m, providing a connection with Lienz in East Tyrol. To the north lies the Thurn Pass at an elevation of 1274 m, providing a connection with Kitzbühel and Tyrol.
Matrei in Osttirol In 1814 Emperor Francis I of Austria decreed the merger of Matrei into his Tyrolean crown land, thereby ending 600 years of isolation. It nevertheless remained a rural area, from the mid 19th century with the sideline source of mountaineering tourism, marked by the first ascent of the Großvenediger peak in 1865. The accessibility was largely improved by the construction of the Felbertauern road tunnel in 1967.
Mittersill Mittersill fell under the control of the Archbishopric of Salzburg in the 13th century and the castle became the seat of the archbishops in Upper Pinzgau. By 1357 Mittersill had a market town charter conferred upon it by the Salzburg Archbishop Ortolf, which boosted the town's profile considerably. By the 14th century it was acting as an important trade crossroads with salt, ice, and copper being taken south over the Felbertauern Pass (2481m) to Southern Tyrol and Friuli in northeastern Italy. Goods such as wine, fruits, velvet, and silks came north over the pass to be taken into present-day Austria and Germany.
Venediger Group The Venediger Group includes the western part of the main chain of the High Tauern. The Felbertauern Road runs over the eastern side of the group. The Venediger Group is the most glaciated mountain range in the High Tauern. The renown of the main summit in the group, the Großvenediger, rather overshadows the other regions and mountains. Nevertheless the group has a great number of peaks, mountain paths and Alpine huts. The origin of its name is unclear. According to a legend, when local shepherds saw the giant, glistening mass of ice for the first time they thought they were looking at the surface of the sea with a town (“Venice”), the name however goes back to the Venediger (Venetian).