Top 10 similar words or synonyms for favonia

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for favonia

Article Example
Nocera Umbra According to Pliny the Elder, Nuceria was inhabited by two tribes, one the "Nucerini Favonienses" (faithful of "Favonia", also named Fauna, a Goddess) and the other "Camellani" (originating from "Camerinum", or possibly makers of "camellae", small wooden containers). Strabo records that the town was famous for the production of wooden vases (possibly barrels).
Scandal Takes a Holiday A long and complicated case awaits Falco and Lucius Petronius Longinus (or Petro' for short) on the streets of the port town of Ostia, accompanied by Maia, Helena and Falco's daughters — Albia, Julia and Favonia. Petro' is on the lookout for Balbinus Florius, a dangerous mobster last seen in Britain, while Falco is on the lookout for a missing gossip columnist named Diocles, an Imperial freedman known by the pen name of "Infamia" (Latin: "scandal", "calumny"). A young boy named Zeno approaches Petro', and tells him that "his mother won't wake up". Zeno's mother is found unconscious and drooling, and Maia is sent to nurse her - only to end up with a black eye when the woman, Pullia, wakes up. When asked why he told them, Zeno replies to Petro' that his uncle Lygon told Zeno that "the vigiles would want to know" if Pullia wouldn't wake up.
The Jupiter Myth Despite having put the project of building the palace for the king of the Atrebates, Togidubnus, back on track, there is no peace for Falco and his family (his wife, his children, his brothers in law and his sister Maia Favonia) in Londinium as Togidubnus' disgraced friend, Verovolcus (see "A Body in the Bath House"), is found drowned in the well of a seedy Londinium taverna named the "Shower of Gold", stripped of his torque. Fearful of the diplomatic consequences, the local authorities in the form of Gaius Hilaris (see "The Silver Pigs"), Falco's old friend and Helena's uncle, urge Falco to take up inquiries into the death. At the same time, Maia's children and Lucius Petronius "Petro'" Longus, Falco's best friend, have appeared in Londinium. Things become more tense with Togidubnus breathing down Falco and Hilarius' necks for answers on who killed Verovolcus, and a newly arrived businessman, Norbanus Murena, hitting on Maia.