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familiarized_himself    0.724636

acquainting_himself    0.723976

intimately_familiar    0.679016

familiarized    0.626956

toying    0.619096

severing_ties    0.613063

unacquainted    0.610843

busying_himself    0.610354

unfamiliarity    0.610156

associating    0.601936

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for familiarizing_himself

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Keith Barnhart Barnhart wasted no time in infiltrating and familiarizing himself to club owners and managers as well as club promoters and doormen to eventually be on the A-list, and VIP memberships of some of the cities most coveted nightclubs.
Henry W. Corbett Before the arrival of the "Frances and Louise" with his merchandise, Corbett spent two months familiarizing himself with Oregon Territory and its main settlements. He visited Astoria, Oregon City, Salem, Santiam, Albany, Corvallis and Lafayette.
Sepy Dobronyi Dobronyi was raised by his mother, as he lost his father in the war, at an early age. His childhood consisted of hunting, riding, familiarizing himself to his countryside, and traveling all over Europe.
John Frusciante Frusciante first attended a Red Hot Chili Peppers performance at fifteen and he rapidly became a devoted fan. He idolized guitarist Hillel Slovak—familiarizing himself with virtually all the guitar and bass parts from the Chili Peppers' first three records. He became acquainted with Slovak; the two spoke months before Slovak's death and Frusciante's subsequent joining:
Kurt Koffka Koffka's skill in English later served him well in his efforts to spread Gestalt psychology beyond German borders and familiarizing himself with British psychology. Koffka was already working at the University of Frankfurt when Max Wertheimer arrived in 1910 and invited Koffka to participate as a subject in his research on the Phi phenomenon.
Man on Fire (novel) While on Gozo, Creasy trains for several months, getting into shape and re-familiarizing himself with weaponry. But, to his surprise, he also discovers he has another reason to live after his suicidal mission against the Mafia: he finds himself accepted by and admiring the Gozitans, as well as falling in love with Nadia, the daughter of his host.
Iván Castro Before being appointed executive officer of the 7th Special Forces Group's headquarters company, he spent a weekend familiarizing himself with the group area where he was going to work by walking around and measuring the steps from his car to his office. He is quoted in the media as saying:
Mohammed Abdel Wahab In 1933 'Abd al-Wahhab began composing his own style of Arabic film musical after visiting Paris and familiarizing himself with French musical film. He introduced a lighthearted genre of musical film to Arabic culture eventually composing eight musical comedies between 1933 and 1949. His films portrayed Western social elite and included music that veered off from the traditional Arabic tune. He starred in his 1934 film "The White Flower" which broke records in attendance and still plays frequently in Egyptian theaters.
Rudolph Schindler (architect) Schindler continued to seek contact with Wright, writing letters despite his limited English. He finally met him for the first time on December 30, 1914. Wright had little work at this stage, was still plagued by the destruction of Taliesin and the murder of his mistress earlier that year, and did not offer Schindler a job. Schindler continued work at OSR, keeping himself occupied with trips and study, notably familiarizing himself with the early tilt up slab work of Irving Gill.
Charles Deas By 1840, he had decided to emulate one of his influences, George Catlin, and travel westward in the United States. It was during travels through the Wisconsin Territory that he became a noted painter of trappers and American Indians. By 1841, Deas decided to establish his base in St. Louis, Missouri. During this time, Deas would typically spend "a few months among the Indian tribes, familiarizing himself with their manners and customs."