Top 10 similar words or synonyms for familiarized_himself

familiarised_himself    0.742410

familiarizing_himself    0.724635

briefly_flirted    0.677903

tinkered    0.677699

intimately_familiar    0.668031

frequently_collaborates    0.646571

unacquainted    0.645744

familiarized    0.631389

ingratiated_himself    0.629341

personally_acquainted    0.629176

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for familiarized_himself

Article Example
Kurt Westerberg After graduating from St. Olaf College, Westerberg familiarized himself with the idea of sound mass from European composers such as Krzysztof Penderecki and György Ligeti.
Detleff Neumann-Neurode At the Orthopedic University Clinic in Berlin, he familiarized himself with the day's standard treatment for curvature of the spine, which relied on passive measures rather than active treatment of the musculature.
Mikhail Gurevich (psychiatrist) For his successes he was encouraged by being sent abroad where he familiarized himself with organization of psychiatric care in various countries and worked in Kraepelin’s clinic in Munich.
Ryan Singer At the age of 10, Singer started studying art books and familiarized himself with not only Western artists but also Navajo artists like Shonto Begay and Bahe Whitethorne. He also became interested in surrealistic artists such as Salvador Dalí.
Leo Baekeland Baekeland began to investigate the reactions of phenol and formaldehyde. He familiarized himself with previous work and approached the field systematically, carefully controlling and examining the effects of temperature, pressure and the types and proportions of materials used.
Anton Solomoukha After completing his secondary education and doing his military service, Anton entered Faculty for the Restoration of Icons in The Kiev School of Fine Art. It was here that he familiarized himself with philosophy and religion.
David Emmanuel (musician) The early fusion of ska, soul and rhythm and blues into what would become reggae was taking place at this time in London. Peter Tosh and Bob Marley were among the pioneers. Emmanuel familiarized himself with the sound and the reggae musicians.
Canons of Edgar According to Fowler, the "Canons of Edgar" "was central in Wulfstan's programme of reform; it also demonstrates better than any other of his works the deliberateness with which he familiarized himself with the best canonical writings to provide a basis of accepted authority for this reforms."
Elisha S. Converse In 1844, he returned to Boston where he opened a wholesale shoe and leather company. The business was new to him but he soon familiarized himself with its details and during his connection with it, the reputation and success of the firm became well established.
Ethopoeia In order to convince the jury that Euphiletos was innocent, Lysias familiarized himself with Euphiletos's character and portrayed him as trusting and naive. At the same time, he portrayed Eratosthenes as a notorious adulterer. He further used Euphiletos's character to claim the homicide as justifiable.