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familiarized_himself    0.742410

intimately_familiar    0.633016

ingratiated_himself    0.614433

tinkered    0.605290

briefly_flirted    0.598633

fraternized    0.590914

familiarizing_himself    0.589088

unacquainted    0.577982

familiarise_themselves    0.577415

consorted    0.577225

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Brian Inglis In 1988, the magician Bob Couttie criticised Inglis for deliberately ignoring evidence of fraud in mediumship. Couttie wrote that Inglis had not familiarised himself with magician techniques. The parapsychologist D. Scott Rogo complained that Inglis "had a bad habit in his writing of suppressing negative information about psychics and researchers he favored by failing to note cases of fraud that were uncovered."
Patrick Yu Jobless and almost penniless, Yu was forced to find himself a profession. Within a 10-month period, he familiarised himself with all the "niceties" of the English common law, studying in the Bar Library at Lincoln's Inn. In 1949, he passed the bar exam of England and Wales and practised briefly as a chancery barrister in London.
Walter Dröscher Dröscher quickly familiarised himself with the theory and so was able to ensure that Volume II of Heim's work on Elementary Particle physics was essentially error free. Volume I contained errors that were only later corrected, with the help of Dröscher and others.
Basil Smallpeice The shipping line operations of Cunard didn't escape review by Smallpeice. He was already familiar with the containerisation of freight prior to taking up his position with Cunard, but spent time during 1966 to visit the Sea-Land Service container terminal at Port Newark and further familiarised himself with the use of containers in marine traffic. Container ships were considered too large for the traditional British shipping lines, including Cunard and their subsidiaries to operate, so it would be necessary to form partnerships.
Taare Zameen Par Artist Samir Mondal composed Ishaan and Nikumbh's art-fair watercolour paintings. He held a workshop with the schoolchildren, and incorporated elements from their artwork into Ishaan's. Mondal also instructed Khan on a painter's typical mannerisms and movements. Gupte created the rest of Ishaan's artwork and Assistant Art Director Veer Nanavati drew Ishaan's flipbook. The art department's designs for Ishaan's school notebooks disappointed Khan, who had familiarised himself with dyslexic writing. Using his left hand, Khan instead wrote it himself.
Gordon Rattray Taylor Zoologist Mark Ridley negatively reviewed the book concluding that Taylor had a "complete lack of biological imagination". Ridley states that Taylor appears to have failed to have familiarised himself with Darwinian thinking before criticising it, and particularly that Taylor has made the "familiar and elementary" mistake of conflating natural selection with chance. Ridley states that Taylor's alternative to Darwinian evolution is described "only in general outline", involving "Lamarckism and other inarticulated internal factors".
Ernő Foerk Foerk originally began as a sculptor but subsequently finished as a master builder. He studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, where he familiarised himself with the North Italian style, and this was the origin of his interest in Lombardian brick architecture. From 1891 he was assistant to Imre Steindl at the Technical University. He taught at the Hungarian School of Applied Arts from 1898 and became its director in 1920. He retired in 1929.
At-Turtushi ِAbu Bakr was born in Tortosa in 1059 in the northern region of Al-Andalus at the Ebro Delta, at a time when the region had become increasingly fragmented and was divided into various taifa kingdoms. He first traveled to Zaragoza, where he became a student under Abu al-Walid al-Baji, a famous scholar and poet. While in Spain, he also familiarised himself with the philosophical and political treatises of the Andalusian polymath Ibn Hazm.
Samu Pecz After returning to Budapest he worked with Frigyes Schulek on the Matthias Church in Buda and later in the offices of Alajos Hauszmann. At this time he familiarised himself with gothic architecture, particularly in church design. Later, Pecz worked in the technical university under Schulek and Imre Steindl and became a lecturer is 1887. He was 34 years old when he became the dean of the building faculty which he continued to be until his death. He designed numerous buildings in the historicist tradition, often employing Zsolnay tiles to rich effect.
Thomas Andrews In 1907, Andrews began to oversee the plans for a new superliner, the for the White Star Line. The "Olympic" and its sister ship the , which began construction in 1909, were designed by William Pirrie and general manager Alexander Carlisle along with Andrews. As he had done for the other ships he had overseen, Andrews familiarised himself with every detail of the "Olympic" and "Titanic", in order to ensure that they were in optimal working order. Andrews's suggestions that the ship have 46 lifeboats (instead of the 20 it ended up with) as well as a double hull and watertight bulkheads that went up to B deck, were overruled.