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liggitt    0.864185

preffer    0.864071

ittmann    0.862919

boudeau    0.860179

aldape    0.856844

hibshoosh    0.852212

resau    0.851672

addona    0.850763

trepel    0.848934

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Manuel Antonio Garretón "Dimensiones sociales, políticas y culturales del desarrollo. Antología de Enzo Faletto" (editor), 2007
Dependency theory Two other early writers relevant to dependency theory were François Perroux and Kurt Rothschild. Other leading dependency theorists include Herb Addo, Walden Bello, Ruy Mauro Marini, Enzo Faletto, Armando Cordova, Ernest Feder, Pablo González Casanova, Keith Griffin, Kunibert Raffer, Paul Israel Singer, and Osvaldo Sunkel. Many of these authors focused their attention on Latin America; the leading dependency theorist in the Islamic world is the Egyptian economist Samir Amin.