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molfetta    0.862868

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sannita    0.858329

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castrovillari    0.854896

gragnano    0.854825

olginate    0.854473

marittimo    0.853843

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for falconara

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Article Example
Falconara Marittima , 90.94% of the population was Italian. The largest immigrant group came from Albania and Romania 4.75%, followed by North Africa 1.17%.
Falconara Marittima Falconara Marittima's main attraction is a long sandy beach where during the summer people practice sports such as beach volleyball, beach tennis and beach soccer.
Falconara Marittima Winters can be quite cold due to the bora, an icy wind that blows along the coast, however snow is rare. The last recorded heavy snowfall occurred in February 2012.
Falconara Marittima The local volleyball team "Pallavolo Falconara" won the CEV Cup in 1986 and reached play-off semifinal of Italian Volleyball League two times in the eighties.
Falconara Marittima Notable former volleyball players of the club include Ferdinando De Giorgi, Daniel Castellani, Tom Sorensen, Raimonds Vilde, Jan Kvalheim, Andrea Anastasi, Leondino Giombini, Pasquale Gravina, Valerio Vermiglio and Samuele Papi.
Falconara Albanese Falconara Albanese (Arbërisht: Falkunara) is a town and "comune" in the province of Cosenza in the Calabria region of southern Italy.
Falconara Marittima Among its religious sites is the church of Santa Maria della Misericordia with 15th-century frescoes.
Falconara Airport The airport is used for general aviation, with no commercial airline service. Along with the Italian Air Force, It is also the headquarters of the Italian Army's 84th Infantry Battalion.
Falconara Airport During World War II, Falconara Airfield was a military airfield used by the United States Army Air Forces Twelfth Air Force for B-25 Mitchell combat operations by the 321st Bombardment Group between 1 Apr and 1 Sep 1945. After the war ended, the airfield was turned over to local authorities.
Falconara Marittima The Cormorano park on the north side of town has hosted numerous cultural events, including concerts of Francesco De Gregori, Goran Bregovic and Piero Pelù.