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noemfoor    0.626621

peleliu    0.617339

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wakde    0.611906

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Falalop Airfield Marine Air Group 45 (MAG-45) deployed to Falalop in late September to establish base operations.
Falalop Airfield Fleet Air Wing One (FAW-1) was based at Falalop from 15 October until 30 December 1944 when it was relocated to Saipan.
Falalop Airfield Falalop Airfield or Naval Air Base Ulithi (NAB Ulithi) is a former World War II airfield on the island of Falalop, part of Ulithi Atoll in the Caroline Islands.
Falalop Airfield Ulithi Atoll was captured unopposed on 20 September 1944. On 8 October the 51st Naval Construction Battalion began to improve the abandoned Japanese airfield on Falalop creating a coral-surfaced by runway, 6 taxiways, hardstands, lighting, a traffic-control tower, operations buildings, tank farm and a seaplane ramp. The airfield was fully operational by 1 December 1944.
Falalop Airfield Units stationed at Falalop included VMD-354 operating photo-reconnaissance F4Us and VMF(N)-542 operating F6F-3N night-fighters.
Falalop Airfield On 7 December 1944 a detachment of two PBYs of VPB-23 was deployed to Falalop for air-sea rescue missions. A further 3 aircraft were deployed on 20 June 1945. All VPB-23 aircraft were transferred to Tanapag Harbor on Saipan on 13 December 1945.
Ulithi Airport Ulithi Airport is a public airport serving the island of Falalop, located on the Falalop Island, in the Ulithi Atoll in Federated States of Micronesia.
USS Ross (DD-563) On 20 August, "Ross" headed for Ulithi. Arriving the next day, she covered UDT operations on Asor, Falalop, and Sorlen. On the 23d, she covered the landings on Falalop and on the 24th she got underway to return to Peleliu.
Air Warning Squadron 2 By early May 1945 the squadron headquarters was formed at Peleliu with detachments on Ulithi and Falalop. AWS-2 was responsible for air defense of this region until the end of the war.
Ulithi Airport The Japanese had built an airstrip on Falalop. It was expanded and resurfaced, the runway running the full width of the island. The east end of the strip was extended approximately twenty feet past the natural shoreline. A number of small strips for light aircraft were built on several of the smaller islands.