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Matthias Fahrig Matthias Fahrig (born 15 December 1985) is a German gymnast. He competed at the 2004 Summer Olympics in all artistic gymnastics events except for the rings and pommel horse and finished in eighth place with the German team. His best individual results were 32nd place on the horizontal bar and in the floor exercise.
Matthias Fahrig He won two gold, two silver and two bronze medals in the vault, floor and team competitions at the European championships in 2007, 2009 and 2010, as well as a team bronze at the 2010 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships.
Mackenzie Large Igneous Province At the beginning of the Mackenzie magmatic event, the Mackenzie hotspot collided with lithosphere that was already in an extensional regime that allowed rifting to occur. Passive rifting has been interpreted as the mechanism that produced the opening of the former Poseidon Ocean, the geometry of which would have been partly controlled by dike swarm geometry. Fahrig (1987) proposed that the Mackenzie plume impact resulted in the emplacement of a triple junction that had a large mafic dike swarm on every rift arm. Two of the first arms formed the Poseidon Ocean basin and the third arm failed thus forming an aulacogen. This tectonic setting suggestion can be comparable with the early volcano-tectonic evolution of the Yellowstone hotspot, which developed two arms instead of three, followed by failure of both arms. At the Mackenzie hotspot, rifting is considered to have been passive and to have taken place in the crust above the hotspot that should have been weakened by the Mackenzie plume. Crustal uplift may have also provided stresses contributing to rifting.