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philosophorum    0.842004

scipionis    0.840751

fabularum    0.836963

propertius    0.833990

tibullus    0.833799

reliquiae    0.826208

variae    0.821836

theocritus    0.820732

catonis    0.819890

alcaeus    0.818004

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Glyphidocera fabulae Glyphidocera fabulae is a moth in the Autostichidae family. It was described by Adamski in 2005. It is found in Costa Rica.
Calosima fabulae Calosima fabulae is a moth in the Blastobasidae family which is endemic to Costa Rica.
Seneca the Younger "Fabulae crepidatae" (tragedies with Greek subjects):
Horae Hyginus ("Fabulae" 183) identifies a third set of Horae:
Minuscule 369 It contains also a part of a Greek Grammar and "Avieni Fabulae".
Fabula palliata The only complete, extant "fabulae palliatae" are the comedies of Terence and Plautus. Consequently, a common misconception is that the genre is inherently comedic. In fact, any Roman play that is based on Greek drama qualifies as a "fabula palliata". The extant "fabulae palliatae" adhere to the style of Greek New Comedy, but references to and fragments of the works of Livius Andronicus, Gnaeus Naevius, and Ennius indicate that all three wrote tragic "fabulae palliatae."
Pantaleon Candidus As well as theological and historical works, he wrote much poetry, including the fable collection "Centum et quinquaginta fabulae" (1604).
Tereus Other versions of this myth have Procne transformed into the swallow and Philomela into a nightingale (Hyginus, "Fabulae", 45).
Aeneas ref>Hyginus, "Fabulae" 115. credits Aeneas with killing 28 people although hector is a wonderful person.
Erebus The Roman writer Hyginus, in his "Fabulae", described Erebus as the father of Geras, the god of old age.