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Irving Johnson (ship) The twin brigantines Irving Johnson and Exy Johnson are the flagships of the Los Angeles Maritime Institute's (LAMI) "TopSail Youth Program", a non-profit organization that helps at-risk youth learn discipline and teamwork through sailing. They join LAMI's topsail schooners the "Swift of Ipswich" and the "Bill of Rights." The boats are named for sail training pioneers Irving and Electa "Exy" Johnson.
Electa Johnson Electa S. "Exy" Johnson (August 17, 1909 in Rochester N.Y. – November 9, 2004) was an American author, lecturer, adventure, and sail training pioneer.
Irving Johnson The doyenne of modern sail training, Exy Johnson would personally oversee the christening ceremonies of the vessels in whose construction she was instrumental until her death in 2004.
Electa Johnson Electa "Exy" Johnson was born in Rochester, New York on August 17, 1909. She attended Smith College and then University of California, Berkeley. Exy Johnson’s sailing experience started after her years in college when she boarded a schooner set to sail around France. Exy Johnson was fluent in French and German, and also had the ability to communicate in other languages. While aboard the schooner touring France she met her soon to be husband Irving Johnson, who at the time was a crew member aboard the schooner. In 1932 Exy and Irving got married and began their sailing career together.
ActionQuest ActionQuest began running programs in the British Virgin Islands in the mid-1980s; however, its seafaring history extends back to the Flint School. The owner of ActionQuest sailed with the Flint School in his youth before starting ActionQuest and also sailed with Irving and Exy Johnson, who are considered the pioneers of sea training.
Brigantine Yankee The brigantine "Yankee was a steel hulled schooner, originally constructed by Nordseewerke, Emden, Germany as the "Emden", renamed "Duhnen", 1919. As Yankee", it became famous as the ship that was used by Irving Johnson and Exy Johnson to circumnavigate the globe four times in eleven years. She appeared on the cover of National Geographic on December 1959.
Sail training From 1932 through 1958, Irving Johnson and his wife Electa "Exy" Johnson circumnavigated the world 7 times with amateur youth crews on board their vessels named "Yankee". Over the years, their voyages were featured in books they authored, and in National Geographic magazines and TV specials like ""Irving Johnson, High Seas Adventurer"". Their archives are at Mystic Seaport, Connecticut.
Swift of Ipswich After the delivery of the twin brigantines "Irving Johnson and Exy Johnson", "Swift" went into semi-retirement while fundraising proceeded to begin an extensive rebuilding, necessary after over 65 years of wear, tear, and exposure to salt water. Currently, work has begun on the reconstruction, although no firm completion date has been given.
Alan Villiers A sail training pioneer, Villiers circumnavigated the globe with an amateur crew. He used the unique environment of the sea to build character and discipline in his young crew and, with his contemporaries Irving and Exy Johnson, he helped form the modern concept of sail training. It is used not to teach youth for a life at sea, but to use the sea to teach youth for life.
Electa Johnson Exy finally retired from sailing in 1975 where she and her husband settled down in Hadley, Massachusetts on a farm that Irving had grown up on. In 1991 Irving died but Exy kept working to keep the legacy alive. The Los Angeles Maritime Institute has recently honored Irving and Exy by naming their twin brigantines for use in their award winning Topsail Youth program after them. The doyenne of modern sail training, Exy Johnson would personally oversee the christening ceremonies of the vessels she was instrumental in constructing prior to her death in 2004.