Top 10 similar words or synonyms for extols

extolled    0.840305

extolling    0.778852

exalts    0.765268

extolls    0.738861

glorifies    0.734091

epitomises    0.723662

venerates    0.698693

eulogizes    0.695450

inculcates    0.670282

emphasises    0.666485

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for extols

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Article Example
Flora Fountain A poem in Gujarati language by Niranajan Bhagat translated to English extols the beauty of the Flora Fountain thus:
Heavy Fuel In "Heavy Fuel", Mark Knopfler ironically extols the virtues of such conventionally frowned-upon vices as cigarettes, hamburgers, Scotch, lust, money, and violence.
Earth anthem An Earth anthem is a celebratory song or a musical composition that eulogizes, extols or exalts planet Earth and its inhabitants, including the flora and fauna.
Peigín Leitir Móir In general, the song extols the beauty of a woman called Peigín, and tells how she attracts not only the poet but men from different districts.
The Tower of the Elephant In the 2011 film Conan the Barbarian a character extols Conan's past accomplishments and mentions his adventure in the Tower of the Elephant.
Meine Seele rühmt und preist, BWV 189 Meine Seele rühmt und preist (My soul extols and praises), , is a church cantata credited to Johann Sebastian Bach and Melchior Hoffmann.
She's a Beauty In the video, The Tubes' lead singer Fee Waybill plays a carnival barker who extols a crowd with the virtues of a sideshow attraction:
Faith in Buddhism Faith is primarily faith in the Buddha himself as the teacher of supreme spiritual realization and accomplishment. The Buddha extols such faith as befitting a "noble" Buddhist disciple:
Odes (Horace) Horace extols the virtue of endurance and valor in fighting for one's country, of integrity in politics, and of religious honor.
Desperado (Pat Martino album) Jazz critic Scott Yanow described the album as “funky in spots, electric, and swinging when called for” and extols Martino’s performance as “consistently inventive"