Top 10 similar words or synonyms for exalts

extols    0.765268

exalting    0.743901

glorifies    0.723310

cherishes    0.698278

venerates    0.696114

extolls    0.692535

exalt    0.680700

pervades    0.679939

bespeaks    0.675882

scorns    0.667849

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for exalts

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Article Example
Stowe House "The attentive senate, charms, persuades, exalts,"
Exalted Alongside the various types of Exalts found in Creation, there are also other magical creatures that use the same Essence that Exalts use to power their magical effects. The following are the most prominent types of magical beings.
A Country Boy Can Survive The song exalts and lists many things that detail the everyday life of country dwellers.
Peter of Pisa Paul replies in a way that downplays his ability and comically exalts Peter:
Celtic nations The Northern League autonomist party often exalts what it claims are the Celtic roots of all Northern Italy or Padania.
Berberism MAK exalts a unique Kabyle identity instead of a universal Berber one, thus also known as Kabylist.
Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto The parlor is also known as "the room of Wisdom", since it exalts the commissioner's idea of the arts and sciences giving wealth and nobility.
Earth anthem An Earth anthem is a celebratory song or a musical composition that eulogizes, extols or exalts planet Earth and its inhabitants, including the flora and fauna.
Percival Farquhar A book which exalts his deeds—with a few passages that border on hagiography—is "The Last Titan – An American Entrepreneur in Latin America"—a dissertation by Charles A. Gauld for Stanford University, under the supervision of Professor Ronald Hilton.
Reign of Comus (Lorenzo Costa) The elaborate painting may have a moral justifying some of the virtues of reveling, or perhaps it is a melancholic work which exalts as virtuous, only Nicaea, the one character oblivious to the orgies around her.