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Evgenii Landis Landis was born in Kharkiv, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union. He studied and worked at the Moscow State University, where his advisor was Alexander Kronrod, and later Ivan Petrovsky. In 1946, together with Kronrod, he rediscovered Sard's lemma unknown in Russia at the time.
Evgenii Alexeev Alexeev did not finish monographic treatment of all kinds of fescue, but published several regional monographs. These include "Fescue Caucasus" (1980) and part of the "Guide to the Plants Meshchora." He was also the author of the translation of the book by Charles Jeffery, "Botanical nomenclature."
Evgenii Lukantsov Lukantsov has a degree from the Ryazan State Radio Engineering University and later studied sports disciplines at the Southern Federal University. He took up kayaking in 2007 in Ryazan following his elder brother.
Evgenii Glyva Evgenii Glyva born 10 November 1983, is a Ukrainian ultra-distance and mountain runner who lives in Sumy, Ukraine.
Evgenii Glyva Glyva is a trainer of young athletes and he started running long-distances in 2010 quickly achieving international success. His first important result at international level was reached in 2010 with the 4th position at the 100 km del Passatore, in 2011 he won the Notte delle Fiandre. After a couple of year of experience (2012-2013) with good positions in the most important international Ultramarathon and Mountain marathon, his career exploded in 2014 with the victory at the Strasimeno, and the podium at the Wings for Life World Run and the Oman desert marathon. His best year, so far, was 2015 when he won the Swiss Alpine Marathon, and the Kiev Marathon, and he was in the podium of the Strasimeno, the Oman desert marathon, the 50 km di Romagna, the Pistoia-Abetone Ultramarathon and the 7 valleys run ultramarathon (Poland).
Evgenii Dadonov In 2015 Dadonov played a vital role in helping SKA Saint Petersburg to win the Gagarin Cup for the first time. He set a record scored by a player in the Gagarin Cup playoffs (15) When team captain Ilya Kovalchuk was named as MVP he refused to accept it and passed the award to Dadonov. Later Kovalchuk in an interview said that he feels Dadonov deserves it more. At the end of the season KHL named Dadonov one of the two winners of the "Gentleman on Ice" award, an individual "fair play" award.
Evgenii Shvetcov Shvetcov came to world attention as an athlete at the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London where he entered the 100m and 400m sprints and the 800m middle-distance race. In the 100m he qualified through his heat in first position in a time of 12.11s, a new Paralympic record. In the final he shave three thousands of that record, taking the Paralympic title and pushing Graeme Ballard (Great Britain) and Roman Pavlyk (Ukraine) into silver and bronze positions. There were no qualifier rounds for the 400m T36 event and Shvetcov's results leading into the Games were strong enough to see him in the final. The podium finish of the 400m saw another Britain take silver, Paul Blake and Pavlyk again take bronze, while Shetcov's final time of 53.31s set a new world record giving him the gold medal. For Shetcov's third event of the Paralympic Games, the 800m, he arrived as one of the title favourties, having set a new world record a few months earlier when he ran 2:05.05 at the 2012 European Championships in Stadskanaal. In the Paralympic final he maintained his form to finish just outside his record with a time of 3:05:34 pushing fellow Russian Artem Arefyev into second place.
Evgenii Landis He died in Moscow. His students include Yulij Ilyashenko.
Evgenii Dainov He graduated with a double First in modern history and Russian from Oxford University, where he is a member of the Ancient House of Congregation of Doctors and the Regent Masters. It was at the university that he became lead guitarist in a blues-rock band, which he continues in other bands in Sofia today.
Evgenii Dainov Has published three major monographs, one collection of short stories and participated in 28 collections of papers concentrating on issues relating to civil society, community development, politics, public administration, reform and minority integration. His authored works relate his belief that thinking is only the prelude to doing. This belief, combined with his passionate advocacy of freedom and self-government has naturally led to his conviction that "civil society" is something good and also simple to explain: i.e. the way to have a decent country is to ensure that it functions bottom-up, and that everyone gets involved and represented in the decisions about the common future.