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Europaeum Charles University, Prague, joined in 2001, taking membership up to seven. The Europaeum was then ready to embark upon a period of innovation and play a fuller part in the changing European higher education area.
Europaeum With most targets of the Phase IV of ‘extension’ met, membership up to 10, consolidated research groups, developing scholarship schemes, a growing publications list, and a wider presence, this next phase promised much – and one of the goals demanded by the Academic Committee was higher visibility, always considered a two-edged sword.
Europaeum The Europaeum organises study bursaries - one to support an Oxford graduate to pursue a short study programme at the Graduate Institute, Geneva, and one to support a Graduate Institute student to study at Oxford. Appropriate programmes of study can include periods of specialist library or archive work; supervisions with desired tutors; taught programmes including specialist summer schools, or field work, including work with organisations based in and around Geneva or Oxford.
Europaeum The Europaeum is an organisation of ten leading European universities. It was conceived of in 1990–1991 by Lord Weidenfeld and Sir Ronnie Grierson to support the ‘advancement of education through the encouragement of European studies in the University of Oxford and other European institutions of higher education having links with Oxford’; for ‘the movement of academic staff and students between these institutions’; and for ‘the study of the languages, history, cultures and professions of the people of Europe’. Europaeum programmes include research projects, annual conferences and graduate summer schools, lectures, joint teaching programmes, public debates, staff mobility schemes, linked scholarship schemes, and a developing knowledge platform.
Europaeum Finally, academic mobility was boosted under the Europaeum Visiting Professorship scheme enabling leading academics to teach and research at partner institutions within the association, helping nourish future academic and teaching links.
Europaeum With fresh momentum, the Europaeum soon found itself involved in a burgeoning number of projects, still based on the principles of rotating venues for conferences, meetings and summer schools.
Europaeum To provide overarching focus, three new major themed programmes were launched, each running with linked workshops, seminars, conferences and lectures: the Humanities and New Technology programme in 2003, the Islam-in-Europe programme in 2004, and the US-Europe TransAtlantic Dialogue programme in 2005.
Europaeum What emerged was that there should be an even bigger focus on younger scholars, on graduate workshops especially for doctoral and even post-doctoral students who tended to be neglected within HE systems, to extend the current grant schemes, to simplify further the organisation, perhaps to expand to 12 members, and to try to produce a clearer focus and mission.
Europaeum A new Board of Trustees was established in 2009-10, to take over fund-raising, networking and overall supervisory duties from the more cumbersome Council, which was converted into the Academic Council focussing on academic matters. The trustees included the two founding fathers, George Weidenfeld and Ronald Grierson, as well as the third co-opted member of the former Europaeum Council, with M Keller elected to the chair, while Dr Andrew Graham from Oxford was appointed a permanent chair of the Academic Council to produce continuity.
Europaeum The newest members are Pompeu-Fabra University of Barcelona, which hosted 2013 Summer School on Rights and Citizenship and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München.