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shrdlu    0.721215

shavian    0.595231

nadsat    0.591317

mondegreen    0.586363

metamagical    0.578643

pseudodoxia    0.572974

balderdash    0.571557

glokaya    0.568041

loagaeth    0.566495

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Etaoin shrdlu Etaoin shrdlu ( or ) is a nonsense phrase that sometimes appeared in print in the days of "hot type" publishing because of a custom of type-casting machine operators. It appeared often enough to become part of newspaper lore, and "etaoin shrdlu" is listed in the "Oxford English Dictionary" and in the "Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary".
Etaoin shrdlu The letters on type-casting machine keyboards (such as Linotype and Intertype) were arranged by letter frequency, so e-t-a-o-i-n s-h-r-d-l-u were the lowercase keys in the first two vertical columns on the left side of the keyboard. When operators made a mistake in composing, they would often finish the line by running a finger down the first two columns of the keyboard and then start over. Occasionally the faulty line of hot-metal type would be overlooked and printed erroneously.
Etaoin shrdlu A documentary about the last issue of "The New York Times" to be composed in the hot-metal printing process (2 July 1978) was titled "Farewell, Etaoin Shrdlu".
Etaoin shrdlu It is the approximate order of frequency of the 12 most commonly used letters in the English language.
Etaoin shrdlu The phrase has gained enough notability to appear outside typography, including:
Letter frequency Based on these tables, the 'etaoin shrdlu'-equivalent results for each language is as follows:
SHRDLU The name SHRDLU was derived from ETAOIN SHRDLU, the arrangement of the alpha keys on a Linotype machine, arranged in descending order of usage frequency in English.
Genius Jones Around this time, Jones also appeared in "All Funny Comics", his last issue being #19. His weirdest titled tale "The Mystery of Etaoin Shrdlu!", in which he solved a mystery at a typing school, appeared in "All Funny" #13.
ETA Systems Another theory asserts the name was chosen based on the frequency of English alphabet letters due in part to the then current popularity of Douglas Hofstadter's 1980 book Gödel, Escher, Bach which used ETAOIN, etc., to capitalize on popularity and current hip-ness.
Baudot code For example, the one-hole letters are E and T. The ten two-hole letters are AOINSHRDLZ, very similar to the "Etaoin shrdlu" order used in Linotype machines. Ten more letters have three holes, and the four-hole letters are VXKQ.