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Marco Mendes In 2004, he started the collective "A Mula", together with Miguel Carneiro. Since then, they have organized multiple workshops, exhibitions, and published several fanzines. Their interest in alternative comics lead the publishing of “Cospe Aqui”, “Paint Sucks”, “Lamb-Haert”, “Hum, Hum! Estou a Ver!...”, and “Estou Careca e a Minha Cadela Vai Morrer!”.
Tense–aspect–mood Portuguese expresses progressive aspect in any tense by using conjugated "estar" ("to stand", "to be temporarily"), plus the present participle ending in "-ando", "-endo", or "indo": "Estou escrevendo uma carta" ("I am writing a letter").
Romance copula Apart from this exception, due to its different meanings, "estar" cannot be used for nationality, gender, or intelligence, but one can say "Estou abrasileirado" (I have acquired Brazilian ways – state) or "Estás americanizado" (You have been Americanised – state).
KLB (2000 album) Their ranges of success are "A dor desse amor", "Estou em suas mãos", "Por que tem que ser assim?" and "Ainda Vou Te Encontrar" (composed by Kiko, in honor of a girlfriend who died in a car accident)
18 of the Copacabana Fort revolt "- Nunca desejei e nunca pensei ter de assinar um ato como este, mas agora o faço gostosamente, certo de que estou prestando um serviço à República e às instituições." "A Pátria", 6 July 1922.
Diana (singer) With Raul's production, Diana had hits with the songs "Uma Vez Mais" (One Last Time), "Fatalidade" (Fatality), "Um Mundo Só Pra Nós" (A World Just To We Both), "Porque Brigamos" (Why We Are Tloubed), "Estou Completamente Apaixonada" (I Am Completely in Love) e "Hoje Sonhei Com Você" (Today I Dreamed With You).
Defective verb A large number of Portuguese verbs are defective in person, i.e., they lack the proper form for one of the pronouns in some tense. The verb "colorir" ("to color") has no first-person singular in the present (thus requiring a paraphrase, like "estou colorindo" ("I am coloring") or the use of another verb of similar meaning, like "pintar" ("to paint").
Estoy Aquí A Portuguese-language translation of the track titled "Estou Aqui" appeared on Shakira's first remix album "The Remixes" in 1997. An English-language version was leaked to the internet in 2011. The song has additionally been performed during six of the seven concert tours Shakira has held to date.
Estoy Aquí After attaining success with the original Spanish-language version, "Estoy Aquí" was re-recorded in Portuguese as "Estou Aqui" for Shakira's 1997 remix album "The Remixes". An English-language version "I'm Here" was leaked in early-2011, but was not made available for digital download.
Stow Longa Stow was also thought to have been the name of the pre-Conquest estate, which, in the medieval period, was split between two parishes: one, Over Stow or Upper Stow, the western part, which belonged to the Kimbolton parish, and the other, Estou (also Nether Stow or Long Stow), the eastern part, which was part of the soke of Spaldwick.