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gschossmann    0.718590

duodenoscopy    0.707218

gastro    0.675313

ecrp    0.652482

endoscopical    0.649180

gastroduodenitis    0.646179

jejunal    0.635113

oesophagoscopy    0.632998

lymphagiectasis    0.627794

tractcoeliac    0.626393

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Meloidogyne brevicauda Female "M. brevicauda" has a narrow procorpus, a large metacorpus, a large glandular region that has one dorsal and two subventral esophageal gland lobes. Two large nucleated esophago-intestinal cells are at the dorsal base of the metacorpus junction with the intestine. The labial disc and lips are prominent and protrude from the regular body contour. The perineal pattern appears with high squared dorsal and ventral arches without prominent lateral lines.
Gesellschaft der Ärzte in Wien During this time, significant progress was also made in the areas of microbiology and surgery. Carl Koller discovered the anesthetic effect of cocaine and Ludwig Türck, who later became the first tenured professor of laryngology, invented a laryngoscope and marked the birth of endoscopy. This first endoscope was continuously refined, and in 1879, the Nietze-Leiter-cystoscope, which is used to examine the urinary bladder, was presented in a meeting of the College of Physicians. Further modifications made the first esophago- and gastroscopy, by Carl Stoerk and Joseph Leiter, possible. Subsequently, Johann von Mikulicz perfected the device. using it to make the first endoscopic diagnosis of gastric cancer.