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beim    0.868806

verschiedenen    0.862528

auflage    0.861350

prozesse    0.858874

materialien    0.858249

beruf    0.857594

verlagsanstalt    0.857560

klassische    0.856316

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for erweiterte

Article Example
Hauptschule In the German state of Saarland, the Hauptschule has been abolished, and Hauptschulen have been merged with Realschulen to form "Erweiterte Realschulen", however those "Erweiterte Realschulen" still do stream by ability after 7th grade. They offer a fast and a slow track. The state of Schleswig-Holstein also abolished the Hauptschule and mainstreamed students into the Regionalschule.
Oswald von Wolkenstein This article is based on the 600 page biography "Ich Wolkenstein" by Dieter Kühn; Insel Taschenbuch 497; Erweiterte Ausgabe 1980; Insel Verlag Frankfurt am Main 1977; ISBN 3-458-32197-7.
Sachsensumpf Gunter Pirntke: 'Black Swamp in Saxony: A cartel of corruption and cover-up' - 'Schwarzer Sumpf in Sachsen: Ein Kartell aus Korruption und Vertuschung' Grin Verlag, München 2012, erweiterte, aktualisierte Ausgabe, ISBN 978-3-640-45067-1
Realschule The "Erweiterte Realschule" (expanded "Realschule") is a school that exists in the German State of the Saarland. It is not to be confused with the "Realschule". While the "Realschule" is a selective school, the "Erweiterte Realschule" is a school that does not select its students on the basis of academic achievement or aptitude. It streams students by perceived ability after 7th grade. The ""Realschule Plus"" is a non-selective school that exists in the State of Rhineland-Palatinate. It offers general education classes (that resemble normal "Realschule" classes) as well as remedial classes.
Marie von Najmajer Marie von Najmájer (3 February 1844 in Buda, Hungary – 25 July 1904 in Bad Aussee (Styria), Austria) - was an Austrian novelist and poet. Daughter of a Hungarian royal hofrat Franz von Najmájer. In 1852 she moved to Vienna with her mother. She was an activist of the Association for Women's Education in Vienna ("Verein für erweiterte Frauenbildung in Wien").