Top 10 similar words or synonyms for ermida

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for ermida

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Article Example
Fajã da Ermida The Fajã da Ermida ("Fajã of the Hermitage") is a permanent debris field, known as a fajã, built from the collapsing cliffs on the northern coast of the civil parish of Rosais, in the municipality of Velas, island of São Jorge, in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores.
Fajã da Ermida Fajã da Ermida is accessible by trail from the neighbouring Fajã da Maria Pereira and Fajã Amaro da Cunha, along the northern coast of the island.
Fajã da Ermida While at one time the area was inhabited constantly, today the region is mostly used for some grazing and subsistence farming.
Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Conceição (Ermida) Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Conceição is a church in Portugal. It is classified as a National Monument.
Campinhos State Park It includes the basins of the Pulador and Ermida streams.
Otilio Ulate Blanco Luis Rafael de la Trinidad Otilio Ulate Blanco (1891–1973) served as President of Costa Rica from 1949 to 1953. His French heritage comes from his mother, Ermida Blanco. He never married but had two daughters, Olga Marta Ulate Rojas (1937–2007) and Maria Ermida Ulate Rojas (1938) with Haydee Rojas Smith (British origins)
Caldas da Rainha Ermida de São Sebastião (Hermitage of Saint Sebastian) is a mannerist and baroque 16th-century chapel located just off Praça da República. An 18th-century reconstruction added tiles about depicting the life of the chapel's namesake saint. The chapel was declared a property of public interest ("imóvel de interesse público", IIP) in 1984. Ermida do Espírito Santo (Hermitage of the Holy Spirit) is a mannerist and baroque chapel located on Largo João de Deus, uphill from the thermal hospital. Originally built in the 16th century, the hermitage was rebuilt in the 18th century. The chapel was declared a property of public interest in 1984.
Fajã Amaro da Cunha The small fajã is situated along the northern coast of the island, and is a narrow field of geomophological deposits, sloping along the margins of the coast. It is inhabited for short periods of time during the year, when the fertile land is cultivated by local farmers. Located near the Fajã da Ermida, there is no permanent human settlement on the fajã.
Peneda-Gerês National Park Some of the villages in the high lands are located near the arable lands. Terraces, built to make better use of these scarce lands, and traditional houses, with granite walls and thatch roofs, shape the landscape with an indelible, harmonious, human mark in some of the most isolated villages such as Pitões das Júnias and Ermida.
Cinfães It has an important heritage resource, especially the Romanesque churches such as St. Cristóvão de Nogueira; Santa Maria Maior de Tarouquela, Igreja do Escamarão, Ermida do Douro among many important others churches, specially dated to the Baroque period, like the one of São Pedro of Ferreiros de Tendais, and Santa Cristina of Tendais.