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dycl    0.876867

tmcl    0.852869

eucl    0.848691

smcl    0.825215

ndcl    0.818931

prcl    0.806454

gdcl    0.804948

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cecl    0.780546

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Erbium(III) oxide Reaction with hydrochloric acid: ErO + 6 HCl → 2 ErCl + 3 HO
Gadolinium(III) chloride GdCl crystallizes with a hexagonal UCl structure, as seen for other 4f trichlorides including those of La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Pm, Sm, Eu. The following crystallize in theYCl motif: DyCl, HoCl, ErCl, TmCl, YdCl, LuCl, YCl). The UCl motif features 9-coordinate metal with a tricapped trigonal prismatic coordination sphere. In the hexahydrate of gadolinium(III) chloride and other smaller 4f trichlorides and tribromides, six HO molecules and 2 Cl ions coordinate to the cations resulting in a coordination group of 8.
Erbium(III) chloride Anhydrous erbium(III) chloride is formed from the hexahydrate by heating under a strongly chlorinating atmosphere, such as chlorine or hydrogen chloride; otherwise erbium oxide chloride, ErOCl, is formed. An alternative preparation is to react the readily available ErO with excess NHCl to make the intermediate salt (NH)ErCl plus both ammonia and water. This salt is stable with respect to hydrolysis and can be thermally decomposed under vacuum to yield anhydrous erbium(III) chloride with loss of ammonia and gaseous HCl.