Top 10 similar words or synonyms for epitomized

epitomised    0.802823

enlivened    0.664316

belied    0.657391

satirized    0.649401

underpinned    0.639467

extolled    0.630249

awed    0.616483

disparaged    0.615733

espoused    0.614768

personified    0.613948

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for epitomized

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Article Example
An Introduction to Latin Syntax Appended to Mair's "Introduction" proper was Ancient history epitomized, subtitled
Early modern period The Great Divergence is epitomized by the "Age of Enlightenment" (or "Age of Reason").
Gilla Gerzon A USO article noted that the Haifa USO under Gerzon's leadership epitomized "forward deployed
Veloz and Yolanda William Teaford and Elizabeth Talbot-Martin said this dance epitomized their style and performance.
Univerbation The process is epitomized in Talmy Givón's aphorism that "today's morphology is yesterday's syntax".
Milledgeville, Georgia Two events epitomized Milledgeville's status as the political and social center of Georgia in this period:
As-Suwaydi (physician) As-Suwaydi's "Tadhkirah" was epitomized by Shaʿrānī in the 16th century.
Parrhesia Parrhesia was a central concept for the Cynic philosophers, as epitomized in the shameless speech of Diogenes of Sinope.
Poedua For many contemporaries John Weber's portrait of Poedua epitomized the sensual image of the South Sea maiden.
The Gates Ajar Indeed, others have suggested that "The Gates Ajar" epitomized American "consolation literature" of the mid-19th century.