Top 10 similar words or synonyms for epitomised

epitomized    0.802823

satirised    0.643923

epitomises    0.632127

belied    0.628215

affronted    0.615499

emphasising    0.612227

extolled    0.607307

scandalised    0.605525

satirized    0.599463

scandalized    0.596507

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for epitomised

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Article Example
Henry Wilson-Fox His other writings epitomised the committee's values.
Taini Morrison "Taini was a mana wahine who epitomised on and off the stage ‘te ihi, te wehi, te mana"
Gustaf Aulén Aulén identified three main theories of the Atonement: the 'scholastic' view, epitomised by Anselm of Canterbury (known as Satisfaction theory); the 'idealistic' view, epitomised by Peter Abelard (known as Moral Exemplar theory); and what he referred to as the 'classic' view.
Flora Shaw, Lady Lugard Shaw was close to the three men who most epitomised empire in Africa: Cecil Rhodes, George Goldie and Frederick Lugard.
Half Pint He released "Money Man Skank", recorded in the early 1980s by King Jammy, which possessed energy, ebullience and style that epitomised the dancehall feel.
Anti-Dutch sentiment The neutrality maintained by the Netherlands during the First World War evoked unfavourable comment in Britain, epitomised by a remark in "Punch":
Graham George Able His love of cricket is epitomised by his membership of the MCC and he also an honorary member of the East India Club.
Lateef Jakande Imo State Governor Achike Udenwa said Jakande's life and times epitomised "resilience, positive audacity, bravery and bravado, and a knack for excellence."
Work (painting) The rustic aspects of the composition draw on the established tradition of the picturesque, epitomised by the work of artists such as John Constable and William Collins. The satirical and critical aspects of Hogarth's style work in tandem with Brown's Pre-Raphaelitism, with its intense concentration on the complication of the pictorial surface in conflicting details. This image of potentially violent and jarring confrontation is set in opposition to the social harmony and deference epitomised by the picturesque tradition.
Citinite The label's retro-futurist ethos is epitomised by 2011's "Give It To Me Hot" recordings, which invited contemporary musicians to rework songs by the 80s funk group, Sexual Harrassment.