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anwendung    0.890826

untersuchung    0.880099

prozesse    0.871504

berechnung    0.869566

optischen    0.869463

darstellung    0.867398

konstruktion    0.865972

verbindungen    0.863997

wirkung    0.863611

analysen    0.862451

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Article Example
Entwicklung series The E-25 designs, in the 25-50 tonnes weight class, were to be the replacements of all Panzer III and Panzer IV based designs, with Alkett, Argus and Adler, with involvement of the Porsche firm. This family would include medium reconnaissance vehicles, medium "Jagdpanzer" and heavy "Waffenträger", using five Tiger II style road wheels but larger per side in a similar overlapping layout to the lighter E-10 suspension, also with "slack-track" design and a rear drive sprocket.
Entwicklung series The E-100's turret would have been that of the Maus II, the proposed upgrade to the Maus. It would have housed 128 mm KwK 44 L/55 (75 rounds). Armor was 240mm-40mm.
Entwicklung series The E-series designs were simpler, cheaper to produce and more efficient than their predecessors; however, their design offered only modest improvements in armour and firepower over the designs they were intended to replace, such as the Jagdpanzer 38(t), Panther Ausf.G or Tiger II; and would have represented the final standardization of German armoured vehicle design. Indeed, nearly all of the E-series vehicles — up through and including the E-75 — were intended to use what were essentially the Tiger II's eighty centimeter diameter, steel-rimmed road wheels for their suspension, meant to overlap each other (as on the later production Tiger I-E and Panther designs that also used them).
Entwicklung series Other sources show that a variant of the narrow-mantlet 'Schmalturm' turret designed for the Panther Ausf. F would have been used, coupled with a variant of the 88 mm L/71 gun.
Entwicklung series As indicated by its name, the weight of the E-50 would fall between 50 and 75 tonnes. The engine was an improved Maybach HL234 which had 900 hp. Maximum speed was supposed to be 60 km/h.