Top 10 similar words or synonyms for entertains

amuses    0.737133

fascinates    0.724073

inspires    0.675643

delighting    0.673623

applauds    0.672691

amazes    0.668079

adores    0.664692

disgusts    0.655729

astonishes    0.655240

pleases    0.653049

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for entertains

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Article Example
Mrs. Jones Entertains Mrs. Jones Entertains is a 1909 American silent short comedy film directed by D. W. Griffith. The Internet Movie Database lists Mary Pickford as appearing in this short. However, Pickford did not begin with Biograph until the end of April 1909.
Bing Crosby Entertains The show had a 25.1 rating for the season putting it in 14th. position for evening programs. The highest rated evening program as assessed by the Co-operative Analysis of Broadcasting for the 1933-34 season was the Eddie Cantor show (with a Crossley rating of 50.2) with Rudy Vallée coming in at 39.0.
Bing Crosby Entertains At the beginning of the November 20 show, Bing announced, in an extremely hoarse voice, that he would not be able to sing as a result of attending the football game between Santa Clara and St. Mary’s of Moraga at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco at the weekend. It had rained throughout the game and Bing had done a lot of shouting in support and lost his voice. The Boswell Sisters and the Georgie Stoll orchestra had to carry the program.
Bing Crosby Entertains History was made on the December 25, 1934 show when Crosby sang “Silent Night” which was quite a departure for a popular singer then and Crosby was uneasy about singing it. The show’s finale had a short play, set on a college campus. Crosby was supposed to be a professor bidding the students good-bye for the holidays. The singer was portrayed as having no home of his own to go to and he would have to face Christmas alone. After a brief sequence of events, during which Crosby cheered up another lonely soul, “Silent Night” is heard being sung outside his quarters as the students have come back to serenade him. Crosby opened the door and joined in, singing a solo as the show ended. Thousands of enthusiastic letters were received and “Silent Night” became part of Crosby’s Christmas show for the next quarter of a century. The show’s producer, Burt McMurtrie, recalled the occasion when speaking in 1979. “Bing sang “Silent Night” there for the first time. All by himself. He sang it like nobody—I mean, nobody, had ever sung it before. And all of us watching him stood stone still. It was unbelievable. So moving. Bing shouldn’t have worried about it. Everything went off so beautifully, and even before we went off the air, the telephones started ringing.”
Bing Crosby Entertains However, the relationship between Crosby and the sponsor was under strain and on May 15, "Variety" announced, “Woodbury has not renewed with Bing Crosby for the fall. Primarily, standing in the way of a new contract is the refusal of the account to again allow the singer to have full control over the programme. Under the past season’s arrangement, Crosby picked his own supporting cast and numbers.”
The Organist Entertains The introductory music is "From This Moment On" by Cole Porter, played by Ogden.
Bing Crosby Entertains In March 1934, Crosby agreed a further seven weeks’ contract with Woodbury at $2,500 per broadcast. He had been offered $3,000 by Studebaker but this was for a minimum of 13 weeks which did not suit the singer as he wanted to be free for a tour of personal appearances immediately on the expiration of his Paramount Pictures contract at the end of May 1934. It had been Studebaker’s intention to step into the Monday night niche held by Woodbury on CBS and if Crosby had not renewed, Woodbury would have ended the show’s run with the April 9 broadcast. No guest stars appeared after the April 9 broadcast.
Bing Crosby Entertains The Woodbury show returned to the air on CBS on September 18, 1934 at 5 p.m. Pacific Time. Now on Tuesdays, this time Crosby was paid $6,000 a week to deliver a complete package. He paid for the guests, the orchestra and the arrangements and retained what was left for himself. Georgie Stoll led the orchestra as Jimmy Grier had been signed exclusively by another program. The Boswell Sisters were guests on the opening show having been signed on a thirteen-week contract. Claude Binyon wrote the scripts and Ken Niles continued as the announcer. Crosby promoted his hit record of Love in Bloom on the opening program. The audience share during the season was 15.5.
Bing Crosby Entertains On the November 13 show and for the next six programs, after the opening theme, the orchestra launched into ‘Boola Boola’ and the listener was transported to the ivy-covered walls of ‘Woodbury Prep’. Ken Niles was president of the student body and Bing, the venerable Dean. The Boswell Sisters were co-eds. It is worth explaining that ‘Prep’ was not an abbreviation for ‘Preparatory’ but ‘is short for preparation and Woodbury’s is the finest preparation of its type on the market’. It is possible that the later ‘Kraft Music Hall University’ routine, attributed to Carroll Carroll, had its beginnings here.
Bing Crosby Entertains A weekly show which ran for two seasons during 1933-1935, it was to cement Bing Crosby’s reputation as a radio star. Bing Crosby Entertains was Crosby’s most important radio series to date and it enabled him to fully develop as a rounded radio personality instead of a singer who did not speak.