Top 10 similar words or synonyms for entdeckt

einigen    0.873374

unseres    0.860331

beschrieben    0.860264

teutschen    0.858874

beziehung    0.856818

herkunft    0.856299

verliebte    0.855917

erkenntnisse    0.853501

herausgegeben    0.851943

andern    0.851227

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for entdeckt

Article Example
Johann Büttikofer Anon. 1993. Hans Stampfli: Der Afrikajäger Franz Xaver Stampfli (1847–1903), Ein Solothurner entdeckt neue Tierarten und bereichert naturwissenschaftliche Sammlungen, Mitteilungen der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft des Kantons Solothurn 36 (1993): 123–35.
Coat of arms of Bern "Most of this article has been adapted from:" Pascal Ladner, "Siegel und Heraldik", in: Rainer C. Schwinges (ed.), "Berns mutige Zeit: Das 13. und 14. Jahrhundert neu entdeckt", Bern, Schulverlag blmv AG und Stämpfli Verlag AG, Bern 2003, ISBN 3-292-00030-0 and ISBN 3-7272-1272-1, p. 244-245.
Heinz Felfe Felfe was arrested on spying charges on 6 November 1961. The same day the West German intelligence services received a message from their US counterparts, "Congratulations. You found your Felfe: we're still looking for ours" (""Glückwunsch -- Ihr habt Euren Felfe entdeckt, wir unseren noch nicht.""). In later years, as the agency turned to the Israelis for help in recreating an espionage network in Eastern Europe, and the extent to which West German intelligence had been penetrated by Soviet agents during the postwar years became clear, the CIA's attitude to West German intelligence would become less congratulatory. Elsewhere in the US intelligence establishment the Counterintelligence Corps (CIC) had always been sceptical over the recruitment of former SS officers into Gehlen's Intelligence service (from 1956 the BND): the CIC were already, in 1953, including Felfe on a list of potential defectors, but the available indications are that the CIC never shared their doubts with the CIA which was in some ways a rival operation. In the end it was a Soviet defector, a KGB major called Anatoliy Golitsyn, who in October 1961 provided the decisive information that led to Felfe. Golyzin was unable to supply Felfe's name, but he provided sufficient detail to make identification of the Soviet mole easy.