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Ensalada (music) The term is known mainly through a publication, "Las Ensaladas de Flecha" Prague (1581), by Mateo Flecha the Younger, that contains six long four-part vocal compositions by his uncle Mateo Flecha (1481–1553). Each of these ensaladas is divided into several sections, ranging from seven to twelve. The music is for four voices.
Ensalada (music) The ensalada (Spanish for salad) is a genre of polyphonic secular music mixing languages and dialects and nonsensical quodlibets.
Ensalada (music) Apart from the ensaladas by Mateo Flecha, there are also two examples by Mateo Flecha the younger, two by Pere Alberch Vila, several by Bartomeu Càrceres, one by the unknown F. Chacón and several anonymous sources. There is also an instrumental ensalada for organ by Sebastián Aguilera de Heredia.
Uruguayan cuisine A complete chivito is served with french fries and when is dished is also sided with ensalada rusa and ensalada criolla.
Chilean salad Chilean salad or ensalada chilena is a salad containing tomato, onion, coriander and olive oil, and sometimes with chili peppers.
Mateo Flecha Mateo Flecha's music was published in part by Fuenllana in his "Orphenica Lira". The majority of his works can be found in the Cancionero of the Duke of Calabria (Venice, 1556), also known as the “Cancionero de Uppsala.” Flecha is best known as composer of the "ensalada" (literally "salad"), a work for four or five voices written for the diversion of courtiers in the palace. The ensalada frequently mixed languages: Spanish, Catalan, Italian, French, and Latin. In addition to the ensalada, Flecha is known for his villancicos.
Francisco de Peñalosa Peñalosa wrote masses, Magnificat settings, motets and hymns. Eleven secular compositions have survived, including an ensalada (a form of quodlibet) "Por las sierras de Madrid" for six voices.
Uruguayan cuisine Uruguayan cuisine has adopted if not blended a considerable amount of salads, the most typical of it is the 'ensalada criolla'.
El Salvador Other popular drinks in El Salvador include "Ensalada", a drink made of chopped fruit swimming in fruit juice, and "Kolachampan", a sugar cane-flavored carbonated beverage.
El Pollo Loco Unlike its American counterpart, the Mexican chain has kept its menu simple and focused on the grilled chicken. Deboned chicken or other animal protein like shrimp or carne asada are not available. Standard Mexican-American fare such as tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and quesadillas are also not available. The chain does offer french fries (Papas a la Francesa), cole slaw (Ensalada de Col), macaroni salad (Ensalada de Coditos), and charro beans to go with the pieces of grilled chicken.