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inspire    0.712309

inculcate    0.697600

glorify    0.691524

edify    0.673333

reinvigorate    0.664665

demystify    0.664233

rediscover    0.664039

instil    0.659523

reinterpret    0.657069

exalt    0.656757

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EnLighten You can also hear Enlighten on DirecTV Channel 810 when DirecTV starts back carrying XM programming coming soon!
EnLighten enLighten is a Southern gospel music channel on XM Satellite Radio channel 18 (previously 34), Sirius Satellite Radio channel 18 (previously 67) and on Dish Network channel 6067. Until February 9, 2010, it was on DirectTV channel 828, but all of Sirius XM programming was dropped in favor of SonicTap. Sirius XM describes the channel as "The Church Doors Are Always Open" and primarily airs live church sessions on Sunday mornings. The channel was added on 2006-04-17 with a whole new group of radio channels. On May 4, 2011, enLighten was moved to channel 805 (available once again on internet only), but due to the number of complaints it was temporarily moved to the Limited Engagements channel for many years, and then moved to Sirius XM Radio 65 and Dish Network 6065 to go with the Gospel lineup.
Enlighten Canberra Enlighten Canberra is an outdoor annual art and cultural festival held in Canberra, Australia featuring illuminating light installations and projections, performances from local and interstate musicians, dining and film events.
Enlighten Canberra The festival is an Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government initiative held annually in early March, encouraging people to "See Canberra in a whole new light." The centrepiece of Enlighten Canberra is the illuminating of Canberra's cultural institutions after dark, including Old Parliament House, Parliament House and the National Gallery of Australia (since the 2011 event) as well as the National Portrait Gallery and Questacon (since the 2012 event). There is also live music, film screenings and after-hours tours.
Enlighten Canberra The slogan for Enlighten, announced in December 2010, is "See Canberra in a whole new light"
Enlighten Canberra In 2008 ACT Labor made an election promise to deliver a new autumn event for Canberra, Australia—this was the beginnings of Enlighten Canberra. In December 2010, Andrew Barr, then Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Minister for Tourism, Sport and Recreation, announced the ACT Government Enlighten would be a major annual event, commencing in March 2011. He said national attractions that would participate with lit facades after dark included the National Gallery of Australia, Parliament House and Old Parliament House. Ticketed events were also announced, including headline international acts in concert.
Enlighten Canberra In its first year, along with other events, Enlighten hosted rock band INXS, jazz guitarist George Benson, and world-music supergroup Afro Celt Sound System. To help promote Enlighten, INXS arrived in Canberra in a helicopter, landing on the lawns of Old Parliament House two weeks before their concert appearance. INXS band member Kirk Pengilly told reporters that the show planned for Enlighten 2011 was "probably the biggest production that we've put on at any show in Australia." As part of the festival, cultural institutions in the Parliamentary triangle were illuminated after dark, including Old Parliament House, Parliament House and the National Gallery of Australia.
Enlighten Canberra Despite the big-ticket performances and media stunts, the inaugural festival cost $2.4 million, and there was poor community interest, with just 8600 visitors. The first Enlighten did however attract 2400 visitors from interstate or overseas who came to Canberra specifically for Enlighten or extended their stay because of it.
Enlighten Canberra In 2016, alongside the Night Noodle Markets, Enlighten featured an installation by Amanda Parer of five illuminated white rabbits standing at . Parer described the rabbits as metaphors for the mismanagement of the environment. Free concerts held over the consecutive weekends featured indie rock Australian band Augie March and American alternative country musical group Calexico.
Enlighten Canberra In 2012, projections for Enlighten were predominantly powered using diesel generators and consumed 2423 litres of diesel, resulting in an estimated 7.0 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gas emissions.