Top 10 similar words or synonyms for empowering

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for empowering

Article Example
Empowering Patients First Act Section 104 creates an itemized tax deduction for individuals equal to the amount paid in premiums by the taxpayer for qualified health insurance in a taxable year, provided that the deduction does not exceed the average value of the national health exclusion for employer-sponsored health insurance.
Empowering Patients First Act Section 107 lifts the 25% excise tax on nonconforming group health plans, plans that don't meet all coverage requirements, and exempts these plans from the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), if any employee can choose to have the employer or employee organization pay a contribution of a minimum of the contribution amount to any health insurance provider for coverage instead of receiving coverage under the group health plan, and if any coverage provided to a participant or beneficiary is treated as a group health plan under section 9801 of the IRC, which permits group health plans to exclude individuals with preexisting conditions under certain circumstances. This extends to the FEHBP, in which contributions to all plans are to be equal irrespective of which benefits plan an employee is enrolled in.
Empowering Patients First Act Similar to the PPACA, insurers in these cooperatives are prohibited from, upon renewal of a plan, reclassifying or changing premiums for individuals if the health status of the individual changes, excluding if premiums are changed or discounted based on activities in a wellness program. Plans offered in the secondary state must also be available in the primary state. Any state in the cooperative can require insurance issuers to receive a license to practice in that state. Individuals cannot buy health insurance in a secondary state if the plan's premiums in the primary state exceed 10% of the national average premium.
Empowering Patients First Act Section 1201 exempts health care professionals who are negotiating the terms of contract of a health plan, under which the professionals provide care items or services for which benefits are provided under such plan, from antitrust laws. This exemption does not extend to health care professionals who are negotiating plans in Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIP, FEHBP, and the Veteran and Indian health systems. This exemption will not confer the right to participate in any collective cessation of services to patients not otherwise permitted under existing law.
Empowering Patients First Act Section 1322 directs the HHS Secretary and HHS Inspector General (IG) to identify instances of Medicare failing to be a secondary payer to an individual's private health benefits. The Secretary is directed to create clearer guidelines for identifying and resolving credit imbalances in which Medicare payments exceed the providers' charges or allowable amount.
Empowering the Vision Project Empowering the Vision Project (ENVISION) is a trust registered under the Indian Trusts Act with the mission to strengthen the Tibetan community through youth empowerment. ENVISION help young TIbetans become more self-confident, dynamic and self reliant by providing career services, workshops, training opportunities, exposure visits and other activities. The beneficiaries of Envision are currently spread out in nine different states in India with most of them residing in the Delhi area. Tibet Relief Fund is the core funder of the organisation.
Empowering the Vision Project ENVISION has programmes that are designed primarily for young Tibetans from the age group of 13-30 irrespective of their background.
Empowering the Vision Project With the long term vision to establish a mentoring programme for school and university students as well as to facilitate Tibetan professionals’ engagement in community development programmes, ENVISION initiated the Global Tibetan Professionals’ Network (GTPN) in 2008.
LeTourneau Empowering Global Solutions The LEGS team was hosted in Senegal by Dr. Amadou Koura Ndao, Director of the Centre National d’Appareillage Orthopedie in Senegal. The center has operated for many years and has been committed to providing the highest possible service to the disabled of Senegal. The TTW was attended by officials from four different organizations related to prosthetics. Some were from other parts of Senegal, and some were from different countries in West Africa, all of whom were very impressed by the LEGS technology. In fact, the Senegalese Ministry of Health was so impressed with the Workshop put on by the LEGS team that officials have offered to collaborate with clinics in Senegal to provide them with the Delrin plastic necessary for producing the LEGS knee, lowering the costs of production even further. The LEGS team plans to return to Senegal next summer to follow up with the patients that it fitted this past summer, and to expand its available technology around the region.
Empowering Spirits Foundation The Empowering Spirits Foundation is based in San Diego, California with chapters spread throughout the nation. ESF members engage in service-oriented activities in communities typically opposed to LGBT rights.