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Empoli Empoli has an enduring tradition as an agricultural centre. It has given its name to a local variety of artichoke.
Empoli Archaeological finds have revealed that Empoli was already settled in the early Roman Empire times, and continued to exist until the 4th century AD. The river acted as a communication way for the trade of agricultural products, together with the local amphorae. In the Tabula Peutingeriana of the 4th century Empoli is called "in portu" ("in the port") as a river port on the Roman road "Via Quinctia", which led from Fiesole and Florence to Pisa. Empoli was also on the "Via Salaiola", connecting to Volterra's salt ponds.
Empoli Empoli () is a town and "comune" in Tuscany, Italy, about southwest of Florence, to the south of the Arno in a plain formed by the river. The plain has been usable for agriculture since Roman times. The commune's territory becomes hilly as it departs from the river. Empoli is on the main railway line from Florence to Pisa, and is the point of divergence of a line to Siena.
Empoli Since the 8th century Empoli consolidated as a town around the castle, known as "Emporium" or "Empolis". In 1119 it was absorbed into the Guidi counts possessions. In 1182 it went under Florentine rule. In 1260, after the Battle of Montaperti, Empoli was the seat of a famous council in which Farinata degli Uberti opposed the destruction of Florence.
Empoli Later Empoli became an important fortress, and was therefore repeatedly sacked and attacked. In 1530 its fall marked the end of the independence of the Florentine Republic.
Empoli In the "frazione" (hamlet) of Pontorme is the house of the painter Pontormo.
Empoli Empoli's main football/soccer team is Empoli F.C., which is currently playing in Serie A (2016-2017 season).
Empoli F.C. Including the current season, Empoli has participated in 79 national championships, including 50 championships in the third tier, 19 in Serie B and 10 in Serie A. In Europe, the best results obtained was participation in the 2007–08 UEFA Cup.
Empoli F.C. In the 1922–23 season, Empoli finished in second place in Group A of the Terza Categoria, gaining admission to the final round after winning the play-off in Florence, held on 15 April 1923 against Pontedera, 1–0. The season concluded with a third place in the group final.
Empoli F.C. The following three seasons, from 1923 to 1926, Empoli continued to play in the Tuscan third division. Then, in the 1926–27 season, Empoli won the Group A division of Tuscany, and was admitted to the interregional finals; thanks to a fourth place in Group G, the Tuscans were promoted in the North Division of the Second Division 1927–28, the third Italian football tier of the era. In the following season the team was then inserted in Group C of the North Division, which concluded in fourth place, but for economic reasons refused the invitation to take part in the next championship of Prima Divisione, and therefore followed the downgrading of the Seconda Divisione from third to fourth tier. However, already the following season, in the 1928–29 Seconda Divisione, the club won promotion, winning the Tuscan championship, and returned to the North Division of Prima Divisione.