Top 10 similar words or synonyms for empieza

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fueron    0.874733

veces    0.871433

algunos    0.865555

llega    0.863243

estuve    0.858284

pierde    0.857550

traigo    0.856998

viviendo    0.856288

mientras    0.855479

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for empieza

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Article Example
Cuéntame cómo pasó Episodio 218 "Hoy empieza todo" (Episode 218. Everything starts tday. Mid-September 1979)
Sol Daurella i Comadran 8 Jump up ^ «Notes biogràfiques, al web de la Fundació Empieza por Educar» (en castellà).
Life Begins at Midnight Life Begins at Midnight (Spanish:La vida empieza a medianoche ) is a 1944 Spanish comedy film written and directed by Juan de Orduña and starring Marta Santaolalla, Armando Calvo and Julia Lajos.
Guadalupe (Vallegrande) En un inicio la comunidad de Guadalupe no contava con escuela, de tal manera que en el año 1925 se empieza a educar con escuelas particulares, en el que se utilizaba como aulas diferentes casas del vecindario.
National Latino AIDS Awareness Day "United We Can: HIV/AIDS Stops Here. Prevention Starts With Us. Unidos Podemos: Detengamos Al VIH/SIDA. La Prevencion Empieza Con Nosotros" was the theme for the sixth NLAAD in 2008. NLAAD claimed "380 partners who together, organized 160 events in 101 cities across the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands."
Ramona Quimby, Age 8 The book has been translated into Spanish, with the title "Ramona empieza en el curso." It has also been translated into Afrikaans, Bulgarian, Chinese, Dutch, German (with the title "Ramona oder Eine wirklich nette Familie"), Hebrew, Hungarian (with the title "Ramona"), Japanese, Korean, Persian, Thai, and Turkish.
Peace Never Comes Peace Never Comes (Spanish:La paz empieza nunca) is a 1960 Spanish drama film directed by León Klimovsky and starring Adolfo Marsillach, Concha Velasco and Carmen de Lirio. It is set in the years following the Spanish Civil War. A man uses his relationship with a former lover to infiltrate a group of Republican insurgents against the Franco regime.
Héctor Abad Faciolince "Oriente Empieza en El Cairo" (2002; t. East begins in Cairo) is a fascinating chronicle of a man’s voyage around the milenary Egypt. The narrator, accompanied by two wives, depicts two versions of the everyday reality of a mythical mega-city that brings memories of other realities, images, and stories lived in distant Medellín.
Van Tard The introduction of José Carlos Ocaña on guitar and vocals and Jesús Salvador seemed to indicate that te band was completed, but work and family obligations led Jesus left the formation leading to the incorporation of Chema Sanchez-Gomez (drums). At that time, Raul had already composed some own songs, such as "Empieza a correr", "Quisiera ser " or "Olvide".
Hymn (Ultravox song) The song has been covered by numerous acts including Magna Charta (1990), Cabballero (1994), Cosmo (1994), German electro project Music Instructor (1995), Supporters (1997), The Stunned Guys (1998), Edguy (1998), DJ Jaxx (2000), 4 Clubbers (2002) Gigi D'Agostino (2003), Lunatica (2004), Tina Cousins (2004), Polish DJ Psychophaze (2005), Mägo de Oz (under the name "Mañana Empieza Hoy") (2005), Raz Ohara (2005), Age Pee (2006), Trancemission (2006), Parasytic (2008), PROXIMITY (2010), Kirlian Camera (2011) and Mägo de Oz again (2013)