Top 10 similar words or synonyms for empathizes

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socializes    0.668597

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for empathizes

Article Example
The Message (The Outer Limits) While on a routine visit to the hospital to check on the implant, Jennifer befriends the janitor, Robert (Larry Drake) who empathizes with her.
The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency (season 4) While Chandler and Alana continue to clash and Janice agonizes about the plus-size division, Martin tells the plus models that he empathizes with their struggle, comparing their struggles with his own struggles as a deaf model.
The Way to Eden Kirk orders Sevrin to be quarantined to prevent the virus's spread; however, his group loudly protests the decision, insulting Kirk further with a song. Spock attempts to reason with Sevrin and offers to help him find Eden in exchange for his cooperation, stating that he empathizes with the group: "There is no insanity in what they seek."
Mario Santoro Woith Early experimental work includes references to the tradition of reproducing monuments of art and he continues this tradition. Mixing familiar images of Italy with new mediums, he empathizes with the contemporaneous and his work continually challenges to encompass the developments in visual communication and technology.
Pahiram ng Isang Ina When she meets Berna and Andoy, Emily feels a strong connection and empathizes with them for they are orphans just like her. On the other hand, the siblings believe that Emily could be the answer to their prayers that she could stand as their mother.
Indigenous literatures in Canada Darrell Dennis in his book "Peace, Pipe Dreams" won the Periodical Marketers of Canada Aboriginal Literature Award for 2015-2016. His book shows knowledge, tact, and humor when addressing issues such as religion, treaties, and residential schools. It gives the reader a better understanding of Canada’s complex history. His book also empathizes the stereotypes and historical events for Indigenous in North America.
Object relations theory The Fairbairnian Object Relations Therapist also uses their mistakes in the therapy. If the therapist has absent mindedly made a mistake that hurts the client, the therapist admits the mistake, and empathizes with the client's pain, but instead of apologizing, the therapist asks: How did this mistake in therapy re-enact a childhood scene?
List of Garo characters Mayuri easily empathizes with Barg, due to her being a Madōgu as well, and attempts to seal it within her at the risk of her own life. She is visibly saddened when it is cut down, and proceeds to put up a grave marker using one of the swords from its back.
Infamous (film) Capote forms an attachment to Smith. He empathizes with the convicted killer's unhappy childhood, and Smith's remorseful manner, genuine sincerity, and obvious intelligence impress him. The criminal's reciprocal feelings become evident, although Smith has difficulty dealing with his emotions. As soon as Smith learns that Truman plans to title his book "In Cold Blood", which suggests the author thinks of him only as a merciless killer, he violently subdues Capote and nearly rapes him.
Pandora's Box (2008 film) As the siblings start reminiscing about their mother, the tensions between them quickly become apparent; like a Pandora’s Box which is spilled open, all the unresolved disputes are scattered around. The confrontation with their mother’s sordidness brings them to realize how poor their own lives are. It is only the oldest daughters rebellious son Murat who empathizes with the old woman and an unusual alliance is born between the two.