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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for empanada

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Empanada Also popular are the so-called "Arabian" empanadas ("empanadas árabes" or "fatay"), filled with beef, tomato, onion, and lemon juice, similar to the fatayer made in the Levant.
Empanada In Belize, empanadas are known as "panades". They are made with masa (corn dough) and typically stuffed with fish, chicken, or beans. They are usually deep fried and served with a cabbage or salsa topping. Panades are frequently sold as street food.
Empanada Eating empanadas, especially the meat ones called “pino”, becomes more popular during September, the month that Chile celebrates “las fiestas patrias” or their independence. They are eaten during meals like “asados” or Chilean barbeques, and are accompanied with drinks like “la chicha” and red wine.
Empanada There are many other kinds of empanadas; vegetable (generally chard), cheese, chicken, “napolitanas”. (cheese, ham, tomato sauce, and oregano), fish (mackerel, galaxias, or salmon), and cochayuyo. There are also empanadas filled with fruit that are made of apples or pears.
Empanada The Chamorro people of Guam and Saipan make an empanada filled with ground, toasted rice, red chili, black pepper, garlic, and annatto. The pastry is made from "masa harina" and is deep fried.
Empanada In the Balearic Islands there are " panades " (Mallorca) and " formatjades " (Menorca), filled usually with meat or vegetables, or the two things at once. When formatjades are filled with cheese are called 'flaons'. In Mallorca are made " cocarrois" stuffed with chard, cauliflower, spinach, almonds, raisins, pine nuts or onion. A smaller version is also made. It consists of a small round wafer folded in half, with sweet fillings or salted, fried or baked. In the sixteenth century, like those made with the bread dough, they were called "English empanadas".
Empanada In Sardinia, a "panada" is a pie filled with lamb, potatoes, sundried tomatoes, onions, garlic, saffron, etc.
Empanada An empanada () is a stuffed bread or pastry baked or fried in many countries of Latin America and in Spain. The name comes from the Spanish verb "", meaning to wrap or coat in bread.
Empanada Empanadas are made by folding dough over a stuffing, which may consist of meat, cheese, "huitlacoche", or other ingredients.
Empanada Argentine empanadas are often served during parties and festivals as a starter or main course. Shops specialize in freshly made empanadas, with many flavors and fillings.