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egekent    0.630293

alsancak    0.628515

alpullu    0.583779

basmane    0.581116

karesi    0.537583

menemen    0.529545

olimpiyat    0.524599

pendik    0.518478

terazidere    0.513694

arifiye    0.512838

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Article Example
Emiralem railway station Emiralem railway station is a station on the İzmir-Afyon railway just east of Menemen. It is serviced by 7 train services totaling 14 daily trains. The station was built in 1865 by the Smyrna Cassaba Railway and taken over by the Turkish State Railways in 1934.
İZBAN An extension to Manisa is planned and construction is expected to begin towards the end of 2011. This would mean the upgrading of several stations (Emiralem, Ayvacık, Muradiye, Horozköy) and a major upgrade of the Manisa Railway Station, as well as adding a few new stations to serve all villages near the line(Yahşelli, Göktepe). Together with this, the existing single track line, would be made double track and electrified with 25 kV AC overhead wire.