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Loktak Lake The Keibul Lamjao National Park is the last natural refuge of the endangered sangai (state animal)"Rucervus eldii eldii" or Manipur brown-antlered deer ("Cervus eldi eldi"), one of three subspecies of Eld's deer.
Sangai The sangai is an endemic, rare and endangered subspecies of brow-antlered deer found only in Manipur, India. It is also state animal of Manipur. Its common English name is Manipur brow-antlered deer and the scientific name, "Rucervus eldii eldii" McClelland. It lives in the marshy wetland in Keibul Lamjao about 45 km from Imphal. Its habitat is located in the southern parts of the Loktak Lake, which is the largest freshwater lake in eastern India.
Eld's deer Eld's deer ("Panolia eldii"), also known as the thamin or brow-antlered deer, is an endangered species of deer indigenous to Southeast Asia. The species was first discovered by Westerners in Manipur in India in 1839. The original scientific name, "Cervus eldi", was coined in 1844 in honour of Lt. Percy Eld, a British officer. The three subspecies of the Eld's deer are:
Ang Trapaing Thmor Ang Trapaing Thmor sanctuary is also an important conservation area for a number of other threatened species. One globally threatened primate species, the long tailed macaque ("Macaca fascicularis") is found within the sanctuary. One globally threatened ungulate species—the Eld's deer ("Rucervus eldii")—and three globally threatened turtle species—the Asian box turtle ("Cuora amboinensis"), the Malayan snail-eating turtle ("Malayemys subtrijuga"), and the elongated tortoise ("Indotestudo elongata")—are also found within Ang Trapaing Thmor.
Mizoram-Manipur-Kachin rainforest The ecoregion is home to 149 known species of mammals. This includes two near-endemic species, a bat "Pipistrellus joffrei", and a murid rodent "Hadromys humei". The ecoregion is home to several endangered and threatened mammal species, including the tiger ("Panthera tigris"), clouded leopard ("Pardofelis nebulosa"), Asian elephant ("Elephas maximus"), Eld's deer ("Cervus eldii"), gaur ("Bos gaurus"), Himalayan goral ("Nemorhaedus goral"), red panda ("Ailurus fulgens"), smooth-coated otter ("Lutrogale perspicillata"), Indian civet ("Viverra zibetha"), back-striped weasel ("Mustela strigidorsa"), Assamese macaque ("Macaca assamensis"), bear macaque ("Macaca arctoides"), southern pig-tailed macaque ("Macaca nemestrina"), capped leaf monkey ("Semnopithecus pileatus"), and hoolock gibbon ("Hylobates hoolock").